The Fool, card 0, represents beginnings, innocence, freedom, instinct and trust in life. The numeral 0 is referred to in some schools as the “sacred egg” or the “sacred ellipse”, which contains all potential, all beginnings and all ends within itself. There are no limits on the Fool. He has nowhere to be, he is not on a schedule, he comes from nowhere and does not care where he is going— or even if he steps off a cliff! He may be a she, or a hermaphrodite, blending and obscuring the division of gender.

This card signifies the moment before the start of an enterprise, even before the initial idea has been conceived. Once we are involved practically in any project, we are limited by the requirements we are seeking to meet; whatever you are making or doing has a certain shape and fulfills a certain purpose, and its completion necessarily involves certain limitations. Blue means not red; square means not round; running means not sitting; more money for this means less for that, etc. However, at the beginning, when the project is still yet a dream, everything is possible, and any option may be explored as a potential opportunity in the imagination, whether it is practically possible or not. This is the state of being indicated by the Fool: free, undecided, unconditional, experimental. Similarly, the card represents the openminded adventurousness of youth, which is part bravery and part naivete; here is pictured the zealous hunger for experience and celebration of life’s wonder that has not yet been tempered by the harsh and sometimes unfair lessons that life deals to us all in turn. The young Fool has not yet been limited by the knowledge and experience that comes with age. In a reading this card thus advises playfulness, curiosity, experimentation and following your hunches. Do not settle down or get too particular yet. Daydream, fantasize, explore, experiment and try new things. Have trust in your own intuition, especially in your first impression or initial instincts. Prioritize your happiness and enjoyment now; do not impose rigid rules or structures, or think too consciously. Instead follow the more playful parts of your nature, and see how the often ignored signs of simple happiness, pleasure and enjoyment can be hints that you are on a path to something deep and meaningful.

Astrological Association:

The Fool card is connected with the planet Uranus.

Card meanings upright:

The Fool card represents new beginnings. You may be motivated by your strong faith in the future, and move forward with courage even when you lack experience or do not know what to expect. You possess a childlike freedom because you are carefree and believe that the Universe will always provide. You have an open mind and are probably often told by others that you have the gift of beginner’s luck. This is because the Fool card is lucky, and means you probably about to be in the right place, at the right time very soon with a new situation or opportunity that is making you feel very excited.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Fool card is reversed, it indicates that you may have new beginnings that being blocked. The path may be hidden from you, making it difficult to see the world with fresh eyes. You may be feeling stuck or uninspired in some part of your life. When the Fool card is reversed, it signals that this may be a great time for you to take a step back from pursuing anything new and engage in things that are familiar and comfortable. Taking this time of pause and reflection will help you find more positive results than leaping into an unknown.


In the context of love, the Fool card can mean that you may not feel comfortable committing to any one person who is pursuing your affection and devotion. Your carefree spirit and fun-loving nature helps you meet and connect with others easily, and you may be enjoying a lot of fun in your romantic life at the moment. Enjoy this season of fun, but keep an open mind to real, true, deep love so that you do not overlook it when it comes your way.


The Fool card means positive movement in your finances, and you may soon expect a situation that will increase your financial situation. Trust your instincts, continue to work hard, and you will always know just how to stabilize and grow your finances.


The Fool card can mean that you are feeling a deep desire to explore your spirituality. You may be drawn to many difference faiths or other approaches to spirituality during this time. As you explore and expand your knowledge of spirituality, keep an open mind and try to avoid getting swept away with a particular faith or belief system. Your family and friends may not fully understand your desires for deeper spiritual understanding, but have patience with them and do what is best for you.

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