Knight of Pentacles is the overarching energy of this week.

This week, a young mindset when it comes to your security and basic foundation is being brought into focus. Emulate the Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgos in your life. They are organized, analytical, logical, grounded, focused and ambitious. Tap into their energy this week.

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Card 1


There is a lot of karma going around right now. The past lives are coming to our attention and we are starting to question who we were in a past life and what karma we have that has to be paid back. The Universe is balancing and clearing itself, so do not focus on revenge and giving back the negative that was given to you. If you feel like you are being punished in some way, then flow with it and make sure you realize that maybe you are paying back your past life debts with interest. Your karma could be based on a relationship with this young Earth Sign but your subconscious is protecting you from ending this toxic connection.

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Card 2

4 of Cups

There is something missing at home, but you are deciding to focus on the 3 things that you are emotionally connected to. There is something missing in your life. There is only so long that you can go where you are not happy. Time to do the work to get to your happiness. Do it for your lineage, do it for your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren.

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Card 3

The Empress

9/10 this is a pregnancy card! This pregnancy can also be translated into fertility. You are giving birth to something this week, either a child, a friendship, a project, etc.  Be careful and consciously create something that you actively want.

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