Card 1

8 of Swords

Right now, with everything going on in the world, it’s natural to feel boxed-in. When you feel this way, recognize that while you might be able to push yourself outward, there’s still going to be another limitation in your path. But don’t let this thought distress you, be grateful for where you are right now and recognize that maybe this boxed-in energy is establishing boundaries that you need in order to grow.

Along with this emotion, this card stirs up a feeling of powerlessness. While the #8 draws on the energy of power, the presence of this card suggests that you don’t feel grounded enough to stand into your power. But that’s not all. This card wants you to recognize what power means to you, especially during this time. Now that all distractions have been stripped away, it’s time to look inward and realize that maybe power means owning your own home or financial security or even deciding to go back to school and hone your intellectual talents.

It’s also important to notice the areas in your life where you feel powerless. So, take some time this week to think about who or what is draining your power, and then evaluate how you can make a change. Feeling powerless is not necessarily a bad thing, rather this feeling is offering you the chance to grow.

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Card 2


This card draws on the energy of #11. This double #1 energy is all about independence and standing outside the status quo in order to embrace a meaningful connection with a partner. In this sense, this card is not about being a leader, it’s about finding a partner that will enable you to start a bigger movement. While you have the option to stand in your power independently, it’s okay to create space for your support system. Power might feel individual, but the true power of leadership is the ability to connect with people and create a movement that is bigger than yourself.

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Card 3

Wheel of Fortune

If you selected this card, you should consider buying yourself a lottery ticket… why’s that? Well, because you’ve struck gold this week!

So, it’s time to draw on optimism and to recognize that you are extremely blessed. You might not realize it, but your life is a lot more abundant than you think. Everyone is flourishing in their own way, so don’t focus on what you think you lack! At the end of the day, recognizing your abundance is the key to your power this week, so take the time to acknowledge just how blessed you truly are!

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