Card #1

4 of Pentacles

Everything is fine! There is no need to excessively worry and stress about your money and power. This week focus your attention on flowing your energy out to the Universe can deliver you abundance.

Every morning envision that you are a beacon for prosperity and give thanks tot he Universe for your blessed life. We all can benefit from changing our inner dialogue to that of positive affirmations. “I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy”


10 of Cups

Everybody is happy! Whatever you have been doing over the past month is now starting to radiate out to your family and friends. Protect your positivity by putting up boundaries and remembering that every person is either raising you up or bringing you down.

This is an excellent week to manifest a new goal because your family is happy enough to support your goals.


Card #3

10 of Wands

Be grateful for the energy that you have been given. This week you may feel overburdened with your responsibilities; however they are all blessings in disguise. When you have responsibilities, you have people that rely on you. You have people that need you and this is an honor because it shows your dependability.

Be grateful for your job and responsibilities this week and watch how the Universe provides more reasons to be grateful.