Card 1

3 of Cups

Now is the time to start introducing new relationships or new friendships into your life to sustain you over the summer months. Download apps or put yourself out there to create new relationships. Your line of thinking, and what you need from others, has changed over Venus Retrograde, and now your friends from before are not where they need to be in order to help you progress further. Introduce new relationships in which you can talk about deep spiritual truths to expand your spirit. Embrace any new relationships that come in, if you feel a spark, go for it and put yourself out there as it will change you in a positive way.

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Card 2

Ace of Wands

This is the week something new comes into your life. It may feel new, but it actually has been fermenting and growing for a long time. This new beginning will build up your foundation. It is sturdy, stable, and will help you in your growth. This new beginning is really positive. Comment below what your new beginning is this week!

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Card 3

6 of Swords

Recognize that now that you have a new beginning, and you are bringing in new energy it is time to let go of the things that are holding you back. It has been too grey in the past; it is not black and white. Now is the time to make it black and just go forward and move on. Don’t look back–there is no shame in moving on. Recognize that people and situations come into our lives for a reason or a season as we are ever-evolving beings that need to release and move forward. Do not feel shame or pressure to hold onto something that you know in your heart is no longer serving you.

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