Card #1

10 of Pentacles

You are invisible! The family is happy, empowered and they are giving you the grounding and comforting energy to manifest! Recognize that everything is so perfectly situated right now that you can create at least 10 goals to manifest what you want. Write down your goals and watch how fast they begin to materialize because everyone is happy and able to support your dreams.


5 of Swords

Neptune in Pisces is creating a lot of haze and deception. Take a look at your Astrology chart to find out exactly where this deception is stemming from. It may be coming from your career, your past, your family or your friends. By pinpointing the source will allow the energy to release and cut the people places and situations that are no longer serving your highest good. They are drawn to your light, optimism and positive energy and they are taking advantage of you. It is time to let them go once and for all.

Card #3

Queen of Wands

A female Fire Sign, Aires, Leo or Sagittarius is looking for your attention this week. They casually rebel against their own intuition because they subconsciously are blocking their abundance and connection to the Universe. They look to you for your intuitive truth because you are not afraid to speak your truth. The Queen of Wands needs your intuition this week so speak your truth, be honest, and allow Source to speak through you because the Queen of Wands needs your help this week.