This week you will be feeling very boxed in with a lot of limitations. However; the box is reminding you to find your way out in order to level up. You are not restricted– you are free to make changes that are beneficial.

Card 1

Knight of Cups / Judgement

A young Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces) has been criticizing, judging, and questioning your motives. This person is a mirror for you. They are asking you to recognize your shadow self; what is your self talk and where are you criticizing and judging yourself? What are your recurring thoughts surrounding your body image? This young Water Sign is just reminding you of your self talk, so be grateful. Remember to speak about yourself as if you were talking to a close friend. Have the courage to take responsibility for how you have been speaking about yourself and thank the young Water Sign for being the mirror you need to do your shadow work.

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Card 2

4 of Pentacles

This is the week to realize that you are holding onto things that need to be released.  Let it go. Look at everything in your immediate environment and physically remove the things that are not connected to memories of joy and happiness. Release the tangible things that are no longer serving you and bringing you joy. Look up Marie Kondo for more helpful ways to declutter your environment and create more space for joy.

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Card 3

3 of Wands

There is a creative, positive energy that is asking you to create something through your words or actions. Do what you need to do because your ships are finally coming in and you are seeing how your manifestations are progressing. Enjoy it!

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