Card #1

4 of Cups

There is something missing in your home and family life. Something that will require emotional energy from you, that you feel you cannot spare. 3 important things already exist in your home and family, so you feel you do not have the space to accept a new connection. This is just not the case and this week February 22- March 1st you will be able to look at this connection in a positive light and decide whether you want to accept it into your life or not.

Card #2

The Star

This is a great week for you! You are starting to feel the energy of Spring and this is getting you excited and fertile with plans and new goals! Use this week, February 22 – March 1st, to write down any goals that you have for the rest of the year. Have fun with it and remember that no goal is too big to manifest if you have faith!

Cards #3

Page of Wands, Ace of Cups, Judgment, Ace of Wands, 7 of Cups

This week, February 22- March 1st, a message will come in that will stir up some new feelings and emotions for you. These new feelings will have you judging yourself and questioning whether or not you should begin something new based on these feelings. This is going to lead to a lot of emotional confusion and feeling like you are in the dark. This is an excellent time to get clear about what you want! Why did these feelings come up and what are they trying to tell you. Feel through your week by honoring any and all emotional outbursts. This Pisces Season will be intense, however, it has the potential to give you that new experience that your soul has been searching for.