This is going to be the week when you start to realize just how empathic you are. The Devil card tried to appear but was pushed back. The presence of this card represents a narcissist in your life who is attempting to drain your energy. Your subconscious may be trying to push away your feelings about this person, but this is the time to evaluate your relationship with this narcissist and ask yourself what purpose they serve in your life.

Card 1

Knight of Cups

It’s time to put your boundaries around yourself to protect your sacred energy from the people in your life that are draining you.

In this instance, the Knight of Cups may actually represent a child figure in your life, a person who you feel protective over. Right now, this person is draining you – whether it’s intentional or not. As an energy vampire, this person is taking more than you have to give at the moment, so this is your week to start establishing some clear boundaries for yourself. A simple ‘no’ might be all it takes to completely shift everything. So, don’t be afraid to put those walls up – it’s okay to do what’s best for you!

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Card 2

King of Swords

Again, the King of Swords represents the narcissistic energy that is highly present this week. Right now, there is a masculine air sign (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius) that is draining you. The Six of Cups was placed sideways over this card which suggests that while you feel responsible for this air sign you may never receive anything in return. You are giving everything to this air sign, but it’s up to them to decide whether they receive and reciprocate your love for them – and you know this! The High Priestess also appeared on top of the King of Swords as a sign that it’s time to pull back from this air sign and stop allowing them to take advantage of you. Now is an opportunity to invest the love you’ve been trying to give away, back into yourself! Give yourself the love you deserve and make it clear that this is how you want to be treated!

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Card 3

Ten of Pentacles

This week, the narcissistic energy is channeled through this need to feel that you are the sole provider for your family. Right now, you feel weighed down by this feeling that you are financially, emotionally and physically responsible for the people in your life. Whether you accepted this position or you were forced into this position, this leadership role is what is draining you at the moment. So, it’s important that you start setting those boundaries and protecting your own well-being.

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