Card #1

6 of Cups

Your emotional walls are up this week, March 1-8th!

With Pisces Season officially here, your emotions are extreme and this has created a level of insecurity within you. You are vulnerable to the energies of others and your sensitivity has you forced you to put up walls to protect you.

Your family duties will be a main focus this week as a way to distract yourself from all of this emotional energy. But, you can only avoid your feelings for so long.

Practicing self-care and using an outlet to express yourself will be important this week to feel balanced.

Card #2

Knight of  Cups

The Knight of Cups (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) is testing your emotions this week; March 1st-8th. Pisces season has your emotions going crazy, and the Knight of Cups is sensing that with their amazing intuition. The Knight of Cups awareness of your extreme emotions will leave you feeling vulnerable. However, this is a perfect week to express the feelings that you may have been hiding, as this will release you from the burdens that your pride has placed on you.

Speak to the Knight of Cups from the heart and you will find that they are receptive, sensitive, and compassionate.

Card #3

The Hierophant and Queen of Pentacles

You are waiting for some sort of sign from the Universe when it comes to your relationship with the Queen of Pentacles. This waiting is a sign in itself!

March 1st- 8tth brings in a huge influx of emotion as Pisces season will allow you to be compassionate, creative, and to put on your rose-colored glasses. All of this compassion and creativity is directed toward your relationship with the Queen of Pentacles.

Give this feminine energy the gift of understanding and use it to reassess your perspective of the relationship.


About Vannessa Williams

Vannessa’s purpose is to help people through spirituality, and she is passionate and motivated to inspire others. Vannessa is a CAAE Certified Astrologer, talented Tarot Reader and is currently on track to achieve her Doctor of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics. With a background in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Mediation, Vannessa uses a logical, positive, and uplifting approach to inspire positive relationships. Visit her website and subscribe to her YouTube channel.



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