Card #1

7 of Swords

Someone who is not directly connected to you has been sending envious and negative vibes your way.

They are intimidated by your power and attracted to your light.

These are some ways to protect yourself from this negative and envious glare:

  1. Envision a white or pink bubble around you before you leave your home.  Affirm that only love can come in and only love can leave the bubble and trust in the protection.
  2. Call on Archangel Michael for protection. Take a silent moment to call out for Archangel Michael. When you feel relaxed and the shift in the air, you can politely ask that Michael protect you from any negative and unwanted energy and then thank him for his love and protection
  3. Wear crystals or Nazar (blue eye of protection). Tourmaline, onyx, petrified wood, hematite, or any other dark crystal will be best to repel the negative energy that is circulating around you

Stay positive and focused on your goals, and those who are casting envy on you will have no choice but to leave you alone.


Devil, Lovers, 6 of Cups

This week you will be forced to face the downside of love.

All relationships act as a mirror to our own pain and the qualities we do not like about ourselves. By looking at the people you love and questioning how they trigger you and how those actions are just a reflection of your own flaws, you will be able to give empathy. With this empathy, you will find that it is easier to express love and caring to those you love. This alone will transform all of your relationships for the better.


Card #3

4 of Wands, 3 of Wands, King of Cups, Emperor

A wedding, celebration or family gathering will show you that you have created a change in a male water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

This change will bring up a lot of sensitivity and emotions, however, it is empowering you at home and within your family unit.

Stand your ground and do not let the water sign manipulate you through emotional warfare.

After this week blows over, you will be proud of how well you handled the drama and it will set the tone for the rest of the relationship.


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About Vannessa Williams

Vannessa’s purpose is to help people through spirituality, and she is passionate and motivated to inspire others. Vannessa is a CAAE Certified Astrologer, talented Tarot Reader and is currently on track to achieve her Doctor of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics. With a background in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Mediation, Vannessa uses a logical, positive, and uplifting approach to inspire positive relationships. Visit her website and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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