Card 1

Knight of Cups

This week brings young energy that is all about emotions, sensitivity, needing comfort and nourishment. Emotions are a great predictor of the future. Release the pent up emotions so that they do not manifest into your life in a negative way. Take a deep belly breath and wherever you are feeling resistance that is where you can connect the dots and understand what your body is trying to say. Listen to your body and analyze it so that you can clear the pent up emotions that are manifesting as physical ailments.

Card 2

4 of Cups

This week is all about the home and family. This is the time for family, put your alone time on the shelf and tap into your family when they are speaking. These are your cues to what you subconsciously feel about yourself. You can also recognize the feelings and emotions that are not even yours, by listening to them and realizing that they have made affirmations about themselves that you picked up in childhood

Card 3

Knight of Wands

It is time for swift action, hasty decision making and to just say “yes!” to what sounds fun to you. Do not worry and stress, just say yes! Act like a foolish baby and embrace the unexpected! This is an excellent week to take a risk or a gamble on something because you will be affirming to the universe that you want to play with life and enjoy it!