Card #1

Page of Cups

The Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces young energy is showing you a more compassionate side. This Water Sign is reminding you of the watery characteristics that you yourself possess. Allow them to remind you that you are a compassionate, sensitive, emotional, nurturing, deep, and loving person. Feel the Universe right now by bringing these characteristics into your environment. Give this person gratitude and thanks for showing you what you need to embrace within yourself.


5 of Pentacles

There is a “lack” mentality this week. Get back in touch with your finances because you are living from a poverty mindset right now. Get into a meditative state and remember your first experience with money. That first thought is a representation of your relationship with money now. By bringing it to the conscious level, you can clear it by understanding that the reason you fear money is because of your first situation with it. This is a great week to do root work with your relationship with money.

Card #3

4 of Cups

Emotionally, you know that you can embrace a new love match. You can bring it in, however there is some resistance because of fear. You are resisting this change out of fear, but if you were to let it in you would be blessed with happiness and emotional abundance. There are 3 main emotional focuses at home, that is not allowing the space for something new to come in. By bringing this 4th energy in, you will create a ton of shifts that lead to a much happier and healthier life.