Are you considering starting a business or want to take the next step? Read on to discover how!

Do you need more clarity about:
1. Business direction or a decision?
2. The next best business step?
3. How to step into flow and success?

Then pick card 1, 2, or 3 for guidance…

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Card 1

HEALER (D. Virtue Life Purpose Oracle cards)

Business direction:

You have the spiritual gift of healing, so share it with others! Others are naturally drawn to you for help. You’re compassionate, intuitive, and sensitive.

If you are a health practitioner or a coach you are in the transformational field. Transformation is healing. You may heal with words, as a coach, or with some kind of healing modality.

Maybe you’ve learned a healing modality, like many others. To stand out you need to acknowledge and embrace your healing specialty. So what makes you unique? It is not your healing modality in itself, but your energy, your intuitive insights, your life story, your experiences,  the energy you’re emitting that draws people to you. All these components make up your special sauce. So if a client had to choose between you or another professional for a Reiki session, how could you leverage your specialty so they feel drawn to you?

If you’ve had the thought of starting a healing or coaching business, this is a signal that the timing is good.

If you have started a healing or coaching business you are heading in the right direction.

ASK YOURSELF:  What is my healing specialty? How can I leverage my specialty?    

Business decision:

If your decision has to do with healing or transformation in some shape or form, the timing is good. This is a good time to develop your healing skills or learn a new transformational skill. Consider taking a healing class, learn to coach, or learn some other healing modality.

ASK YOURSELF: How can I polish my healing abilities? Am I attracted to a healing modality? If so, how can I learn this transformational skill? 

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SIMPLICITY (D. Virtue Magical Unicorn Cards)

Put your energy into the basics and let go of excess.

This card says that things have gotten too complicated for you lately. It’s time to pull back and focus.

When starting or running a business it’s easy to get caught up in all the tasks and get overwhelmed and stressed.  And as a self-employed entrepreneur, you need to manage your time and decide when to rest and when to work. This card is also about work and life balance. You need to take care of your body, your diet, exercising, and make sure you’re not working too hard.

Maybe you are trying too hard with a project. Focus on the simple areas, and the complex will take care of itself.

If you haven’t started a business yet, maybe you believe that business is complex. This is a limiting belief and you need to let go of it. The reality is: take lots of little steps and you will get there. Nothing is complex if you start with simple tasks. And nothing is complex when you have learned how to do it.

 ASK YOURSELF: How can I let go of excess? Which simple steps can I take that will balance life and work?

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START ANEW (Sonia Choquette: The answer is simple)

Maybe things aren’t as great as you’d like, or even a big mess. Not to worry, bless your mess, and start over. Whatever is going on at the moment, appreciate the fact that you’ve created it. Because you did. Maybe you don’t get the results that you want or make the money you would like. You created the situation, and you can un-create it. It is time to clean up and start anew.

Maybe you keep repeating a pattern over and over again, that’s creating undesirable results. It’s time to take a close look and let go of the pattern. You can make it stop.

You are a powerful creator. Now is the time to take charge. Set an intention for what you want. This is not the time for drifting unconsciously. This is the time for taking responsibility. Responsibility for what you have created and attracted into your life, and responsibility for what you want to create for the future. When you set your new intention and create your future the Law of Attraction will bring you what you focus on. Be a powerful creator and you will step into more flow and success.

ASK YOURSELF: How did I get here? How can I let go of patterns that create undesirable results? What do I want?

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The theme for the week:

Invest and believe in your healing abilities, clean up your mess, put your energy into the basics, take responsibility and create your future.

Which card did you choose? Type 1, 2 or 3 in the comments below!