Are you considering starting a business or want to take the next step? Read on to discover how!

Do you need more clarity about:
1. Business direction or a decision?
2. The next best business step?
3. How to step into flow and success?

Then pick card 1, 2, or 3 for guidance…

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Card 1

BODYWORK (D. Virtue Life Purpose Oracle cards)

Consider involving in bodywork to heal yourself and others.

Business direction:

This card showed up to encourage you to involve yourself in the bodywork of some kind.

Bodywork may include massage therapy, various healing modalities, and energy healing.

If you consider starting a business with bodywork in some shape or form the timing is good.

This card may also indicate that you may need to heal yourself to move forward with your business. If anything blocks you from getting started or getting momentum, consider getting healing yourself.

You may suffer from limiting beliefs, maybe you lack confidence, lack energy or suffer from physical or emotional unbalances that prevent you from getting started or moving forward.

Business decision:

If your decision has to do with bodywork in some shape or form, the timing is good. If you consider learning bodywork skills, taking a bodywork class, polishing your healing abilities, adding a healing modality to your qualifications, or starting your own healing business, the timing is good.

ASK YOURSELF: Do I need healing to getting started or moving forward with my business? How can I include healing in my business?

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ONE STEP AT A TIME (D. Virtue Magical Unicorns cards)

Lots of little steps make big dreams come through.

Your dream can come through if you’ll focus on taking one small step at a time.

You can take small steps to complete any project. If you complete 1 or 2 tasks each day that relate to your dreams you will be one step closer to your goal – your dream will appear quicker than you could imagine!

Don’t think about the whole project, it will overwhelm you, and you won’t get started. The Universe loves speed, so when you have an inspired idea dive into it and don’t wait. Then the Universe will rush to help you manifest your dream. Your task is to take action. And don’t try to be perfect. To succeed you must fail forward. With each new step, there may be imperfections, but if you wait for perfection then you’ll never get started! An imperfect beginning is better than a perfect dream that overwhelms you.

ASK YOURSELF: What is my business dream? Which steps can I take now to fulfill my dream?

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LOVE (D. Virtue Magical Unicorns cards)

The answer that you’re seeking is love.

You can step into more flow and success if you raise your vibration by sending more love to other people or to yourself.

If you feel resentment or grudges toward someone, sending love to that person is a powerful way to heal the relationship. If you send love, you will heal both yourself AND the relationship as well as this you will attract more flow into your business and life.

It is also time to love and accept yourself more as this will connect you with your Soul and flow.

You may also feel called to teach about love or transmit love through your business modality. Also, approach your clients with more love and compassion and they will be drawn to you. People care more about the energy that you transmit than what you teach.

ASK YOURSELF: How can I love myself more? How can I love others more? How can I be more empathic, compassionate and loving toward my clients? Am I called to teach about or transmit love through my business modality?

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The theme for the week:

Consider getting healing or include a healing modality in your business, take one step at a time, and love yourself and others more.