Are you considering starting a business or want to take the next step? Read on to discover how!

Do you need more clarity about:
1. Business direction or a decision?
2. The next best business step?
3. How to step into flow and success?

Then pick card 1, 2, or 3 for guidance…

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Card 1

CREATIVE EXPRESSION (D. Virtue Life Purpose Oracle cards)

Your soul longs to express itself creatively.

You drew this card because you’re likely feeling stuck or blocked.

The angels are guiding you to awaken your creativity by engaging in an art or craft. This artistic endeavor doesn’t need to be seen or heard by other people,  and it’s not necessarily the end product of your life purpose. It’s the act of creative expression, not the form it takes,  that’s important here. When you work with light, sound, color, or music, your mind travels to higher dimensions and you can better hear your divine guidance. So while you’re painting, playing music, arranging flowers, making jewelry, or what have you, you’ll receive wonderful ideas related to your life purpose.

Business direction:

If you consider starting a business that has to do with creativity in some shape or form, this is a positive sign from the Universe that the timing is good.

Business decision:

If you’ve considered joining a class or a course, to learn a creative craft or art form, or maybe learning how to develop your creativity, this is a positive sign from the Universe.

ASK YOURSELF: How can I use creativity to connect with my inner guidance and life purpose?

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LET GO OF STRESS (D. Virtue Magical Unicorns Oracle cards.)

Don’t take on other people’s stress. Breathe it out now!

This card indicates that you are stressed or that you take on other people’s stress. Stress has had some bad effects on you such as making you feel angry or sad. You may also have trouble sleeping. Stress may have drained your energy. Now is the time to do something about it.

If you feel stressed about starting or running your business the first step is to let go of stress so you can think clearly and regain your energy. You need to take care of yourself first before taking care of others. You have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings. When you choose positive thoughts and feelings you will feel more balanced and less stressed.

ASK YOURSELF: Do I take on other people’s stress? How do I replace stress with positive thoughts and feelings?  

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DARE TO BE HAPPY (S. Choquette: the answer is simple)

This card is a sign that your Spirit is finally breaking free from the prison of your ego and you’re reconnecting with your true divine nature. Your next challenge is to be openly happy, even when those around you don`t readily appreciate or encourage your joy. The ego prefers to keep people in pain. When you break free of its grip, it will try to lure you back by suggesting that your joy is false or temporary, or worse, that you’ll lose it, so there’s no reason to bother in the first place. Stand tall in the joy of your Spirit and let the world know that there’s another option besides pain. Others will become inspired by your higher vibration and begin to resonate with it, finding their happiness as well. If anything is blocking your happiness, now is the time to let it go. When you express your joy more openly you will attract more flow and success into your life and your business.

ASK YOURSELF: What is blocking my happiness? How can I express joy more openly in my business?  

Did you pick this card? Let us know in the comments below and tell us if Anne’s forecast helped you get more clarity about how to step into more flow and success …

The theme for the week:

Express yourself creatively, let go of stress, and express joy more openly.