Card #1

King of Pentacles

This week, a male Earth Sign has a message for you. This male energy is either a Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus. They are grounded, realistic, dependable, service-oriented and focused on their power and gains. The message they give you this week will remind you just how grounded they are and how much you need to embrace that same energy. This is a week to take their lead, to create something of lasting value and to remind yourself of your inner strength that allows abundance to flow freely.

Remember to show your gratitude to this Earth Sign, as they are sensitive to feeling taken for granted. A small and thoughtful gift is a great way to show them appreciation and it will allow you to practice your money manifestation. After you receive the advice from the Earth Sign, go to a store based on your intuition, use your left hand to wave over different items until you feel a tingle in your palm. Purchase that item and when you pay imagine the money giving positive energy to every hand it touches and then coming back to you but triple the amount.



King of Swords

This week, a male Air Sign has a message for you. A Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius who is independent, communicative, harmonious, charming.  You admire that they have their independence in their relationship and this is something that you need to cultivate this week. Use this Air Sign to remind you that you can still have a loving relationship without losing yourself. You are worthy of autonomy and a voice within your partnerships and this Air Sign will give you the message that reminds you of your strength.

Card #3

3 of Pentacles

This is your week for money! You have been working very hard, and that is being shown to others! Now is the time to ask for a raise, promotion, raise your prices or do something that empowers you. You have earned it, you deserve it, and the people who can make this happen are just waiting for you to ask! Remember that you are worthy of abundance and you should never feel afraid or guilty for asking for more. The Universe is infinite in itès abundance and it is your birthright to attain, achieve and prosper.