Card 1


Eclipse energy is bringing in distractions from what is blatantly in front of you. Use the metaphor of the Eclipse to recognize when the sun is hiding behind the moon and when a smile is hiding negativity. Agreeing with the issues and problems of others is an affirmation to be deceived by the negativity of loved ones.

Card 2


Recognizing and taking daily cues of happiness to manifest it into your entire week. It empowers you and liberates you by nurturing your sensitivity and intuition. Use your intuition to create what you want; the world is there for you to explore and express your uniqueness through it

Card 3

Hermit, Sun, 5 of Wands

Your alone time will make you feel awesome but it will trigger the ones who are codependent on you. Family and friends will be affected by the Eclipse energy and will be emotional and need their family. This will remind you of the lack of boundaries that are prominent in your life. Eclipse season is excellent for releasing the obligations we have placed on ourselves because of other people’s expectations. Use this week to say no to social obligations and embrace your alone time.