Card #1

Page of Cups

This week, February 15-22, a young Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces) reminds us what we need to feel loved. This Water Sign goes to the emotional depths with us to show us how pure love can be.

This is an excellent time to express your true feelings about every situation that keeps you up at night. By expressing your true feelings, you honor your emotions and thus yourself. This action alone will transform your relationships for the better.

Card #2

Knight of Pentacles

This week, February 15-22, a young Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo) will remind us that being spiritual and materialistic are not mutually exclusive. We can experience the love that money and material items provide us, by accepting that we are not less spiritual if we do.

The Knight of Pentacles will show us how to meld both the spiritual and tangible sides of life together this week.

The Full Moon on February 19th is in Virgo, which will highlight this Earth Signs influence on your life and remind you that hard work in the physical world is just as important as in the spiritual world.

Card #3

Ace of Cups

New feelings that are pure, unconditional, and loving will emerge this week February 15-22. The feelings will come into your awareness as a reminder that we get what we give.

How have you been showing yourself and others that you love them without condition? This is an important week for emotional self-care, for releasing any pent up emotions, and to express your true feelings without shame.

The Full Moon on February 19th in Virgo will allow us the freedom to serve others and ourselves as a sign of love and devotion.