The Tarot Deck contains 78 cards, and 56 of these are the Minor Arcana.

These cards represent the subtle forces that move through our everyday lives. They symbolize the trials and tribulations we face, which have more of a fleeting, temporary influence on our lives.

That’s not to say these cards and what they signify aren’t important. Yet the messages these cards bring don’t have the same sweeping, archetypal messages as the Major Arcana.

WHAT are the Cards of the Minor Arcana?

The minor Arcana are divided into four suits. These are the cups, pentacles, swords, and wands, and each suit represents a different energy type.

  • Cups: Connected to the element of water. Relates to emotion, intuition, and relationships.
  • Pentacles: Connected to the element of earth. Relates to security, wealth and material possessions.
  • Swords: Connected to the element of air. Relates to words, communication, conflict, and power
  • Wands: Connected to the element of fire. Relates to motivation, passion and purpose.

Each Minor Arcana Suit in a Tarot deck contains 10 numbered cards and 4 Court Cards. These are Page, Knight, Queen and King.

What Does it Mean if a Minor Arcana Card Shows up in a Tarot Reading?

When these cards appear for you in a reading, they indicate things that are happening in your everyday life.

Even though these are ‘minor’ in comparison to what the Major Arcana may represent, they’re still affecting you! So don’t discount them. (Ignore the little things and they could become big things….)

Plus, because of the more fleeting nature of these tarot cards, it’s well within your power to change or direct the events they describe.

Cards of the Minor Arcana may also appear in a Tarot reading to support the theme being highlighted through other cards. They may indicate opportunities, avenues you could explore, or even people who may be of assistance on your path towards a greater purpose.

What Does it Mean if a Major Arcana Card Is Reversed?

There are a few ways to interpret reversed Minor Arcana cards as they appear in a Tarot reading.

  • A reversed card may indicate a situation or facet of your life that needs developing further.
  • It may indicate that the energy it represents is receding from your life.
  • It may describe a sticky spot or difficulty coming up, or being experienced.

It’s important to interpret reversed cards in the context of the whole Tarot spread – i.e. in conjunction with the other cards in the reading. It’s meaning will likely relate to other themes and influences – as it is in life!