Happy September!

For most of this month, the Sun will be in Virgo – the sign of the Earth Mother. Virgo is all about healing, purity and truth, and these themes are certainly highlighted in September’s energetic forecast.

Here is a Tarot and Oracle card reading offering insights on the energies in the weeks ahead and how we can best navigate them…

Keywords for September 2018

  • Healing
  • Nurturance
  • Nourishment
  • Mother
  • Friendships
  • Cleansing
  • Focusing on Plans and Studies

Tarot Reading for September 2018

Cleansing Perceptions: 8 of Swords (reversed) & 9 of Swords (reversed)


This is an amazing month because a lot of us will reach a new level of mastery over our thoughts.  We will be releasing and shifting negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, some of which we have been holding onto for a very long time. We’ll be turning ideas on their head, and come into more peace, alignment and power.

This influence will be in the air this September, but we could also consciously encourage this process by exploring what thought patterns and beliefs we may finally be ready to question and let go of.

The Month of the Mother: Queen of Pentacles


September will be a very Yin month, with the Divine Feminine highlighted. The aspect of the Feminine that will be particularly featured is that of the Mother. This will play out for each individual in different ways. For example, some of us may experience this spiritually, finding ourselves connecting with the Divine Mother. Others may experience the theme of “mother” come up in a more worldly sense, for example with a focus on relationships with our own biological mothers or mother-figures.

The Queen of Pentacles’s message for us is to be sure to nurture ourselves this month. We are advised to surround ourselves with softness and beauty. And so, what nurtures you? Make sure to bring some of that into your life within these next few weeks.

Focus on plans, studies and crafts

King of Cups & 8 of Pentacles

PinThe 8 of Pentacles advises us to put our focus into our plans, studies, practices and crafts, and that will help us to maintain emotional stability this month.

The appearance of the King of Cups gives us an example of someone who has emotional mastery: he is able to be sensitive and feel emotions, but is balanced and knows the distinction between allowing feelings and wallowing in them. If you experience some emotional instability this month, focusing on the details of planning or learning something new will help you to be in a state of internal equilibrium.

If you’ve been planning something, learning something or want to engage in a practice, this is a time to really attend to that and focus on their details. Some of us may have artistic endeavors, and this is a good time to give this work attention. Some of us also have plans and strategies to flesh out.

Messages from the Angels

I don’t usually pull angel cards for monthly readings, but this time they were calling to me to be used. The angels must have really wanted to come through in this month’s reading!  Here are the messages…


From the “Healing with the Angels” deck by Doreen Virtue

Friendship is another big theme that will be highlighted this month, and they will be experienced by each of us in different ways. Some of us may meet new friends, and some of us may find our relationships are changing or even need to be let go of. And for some of us, the message is that friendships need to be released so that we may make space in our lives for new ones to come in. Time with friends this month will be healing and soothing, and changes may take place in this part of your life.



From the “Angels of Atlantis” deck by Stewart Pearce

Archangel Raphael is a healer angel who has appeared for us this month, and the message here is that September is a month of cleansing. This cleansing may be about releasing way we think, our friendships, or something else. See the ways it may be relevant for you. Using the elements of fire and/or water may help with this process. This cleansing will help us to heal. If you’d like, ask Archangel Raphael to help you with this task.

Messages from Goddess

Corn Woman/Nourishment

From “The Goddess Oracle” deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

I give you my breast

the earth

and suckle you with

corn and grain

plants and animals and fish

all to sustain you

all to feed you

all to nourish you

the great giveaway

my love for you

the food

so you will live

prosper and grow

From my breast

the earth

because I love you.

PinThe Corn Woman is a mother goddess that has appeared for us this month, and there couldn’t be a more appropriate figure for Virgo season! Her message is to be sure to nourish not just our souls, but also our physical bodies this month with food from the Earth that offers us sustenance.

Virgo is a sign linked to the digestive system, and just as that system takes in nutrition while releasing what does not serve, we are advised to spend this month cleansing and clearing while bringing in what is nourishing to us.

Cleansing and nourishing is what brings us optimal health inside and out, and healing is what is strongly called for in these weeks ahead.

Thank you for reading. Wishing you all a blessed month!