Card #1

10 of Pentacles

Your family is totally empowered this week!

This is a perfect week to start a Gratitude Journal–a list of 10 things a day that you are grateful for.

With this Gratitude Journal you will completely transform your attitude and perspective on your abundance. This brings in so much more prosperity and abundance. When you show the Universe that you appreciate the miracle of life, the Universe provides you with more and more miracles!

Try using a Gratitude Journal for this week and watch how your world changes to support you.


5 of Swords

Envy and jealousy will be highlighted this week.

There are people that are sending you envious vibes and this is detrimental to your energy. As life is a mirror of your inner self, where have you been feeling envious? Are you envious of someone’s financial success? Are you envious of their health and happiness? Maybe just envious of the freedom that other people have. Use the envy as a cue to manifest! What you envy is what you have the potential to achieve but you are sleeping on. Use the envy as a blueprint to your success.

Card #3

The Hanged Man and the King of Pentacles

Time to let go and make a sacrifice for a male Earth Sign; Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.

This person has done some shady things in order to achieve and maybe you did not believe it. Now is the time to release them to the Universe with love.

Remove the rose-colored glasses when it comes to this person and let them go because the energy they are bringing to you has created tears in your abundance. They are dependable and reliable but also too realistic to support your goals and dreams. Remove them as they are not raising you up; they are energetically sabotaging your efforts. Make sure to release them with love and compassion instead of hate and blame.