We are now stepping into 2019. Happy new year, everyone!

Here are some insights on the energies and influences in the year ahead using Tarot, astrology and numerology…

  • 2+0+1+9= 12
  • 1+2= 3

2019 is a 12/3 year which corresponds to The Hanged Man and The Empress cards in the Tarot.

The Hanged Man

PinThe Hanged Man represents surrender, acceptance, trust (in divine timing and divine guidance) and letting go. This figure is here for us this year to offer us this powerful teaching.

While it is important to sometimes take action and pursue our inspirations and desires, it is also essential to sometimes pause, trust, and just be.

This is a year when we will be encouraged to learn to let go of always trying to have control. Surrender is about letting go and having faith in divine guidance- knowing that you are never alone, and don’t have to do everything on your own.

The Hanged Man is also here to encourage sacrifice. Sacrifice is the release of something of some value to you, in order to gain something of even greater value.

This figure can be paralleled to the story of Odin in Norse mythology. Odin was a seeker of wisdom, and willingly hung from a tree for 9 days (the number of the Sage) without food or drink, with a spear in his side, and even lost one of his eyes in the process.

He did all of this to gain permission to learn the secrets of the runes. At the end of the ninth night, their wisdom was finally revealed to him. The loss of his eye symbolizes his exchange of one level of sight for an even higher perspective.

You don’t have to go to the same extremes as Odin, of course! However, a good question you could ask yourself this year is this- is there something you can release during 2019, in order to receive something of more value or bring yourself higher?

This card is also about a change in perspective, and we may find ourselves encouraged to have a whole new way of thinking and seeing things this year.

The Empress

PinThe Empress is our other Tarot card linked to 2019, and she represents abundance, nurturing, embodiment, sensual pleasure and connection to nature.

Placing priority on self-care (including care for our physical health), appreciation of the abundance around us in all of its forms, pleasure, slowing down and grounding into connection with the Earth and our own bodies are what she asks of us this year.

The Empress is always depicted as a fertile, pregnant Mother. She represents creative energy, but her appearance could also mean that motherhood and our mothers may be prominent themes for some of us this year.

The Hanged Man corresponds to the dreamy planet Neptune and the element Water. The Empress is associated with Venus (goddess of love and beauty) and the element Earth.

Neptune’s Influence

With the influence of Neptune, we will be encouraged to purify with its cleansing waters in order to progress. Neptune has been called by some astrologers “the higher octave of Venus”, bringing beauty to a spiritual level. Both planets are associated with the arts such as music, dance, poetry, etc. Therefore, some of us may be drawn to practicing these creative practices this year.

Water and Earth are the highlighted elements for 2019, and both of them are Feminine in nature. Therefore, Feminine/Yin energy is also featured this year. Feminine energy is about surrender, receptivity, intuition, nurturance, being-ness, beauty, fertile abundance and embodiment.

In astrology, the North Node indicates where we are influenced to put our focus and aim. In 2019, the North Node will be in Cancer for all of us collectively. Cancer is a water sign, it represents femininity and is the Mother of the zodiac.

So as you can probably see, this influence and its themes echo that of the Tarot cards for this year- the watery Hanged Man and the nurturing, motherly Empress.

New Lunar Year

On February 4th, there will be a new moon and the arrival of the Lunar New Year. In Chinese astrology, this will be the year of the Yin Earth Pig.

The Pig is a well-known symbol of abundance (usually linked with Water in Chinese astrology)- so there is that theme of abundance, again!

Yin Earth corresponds to the symbol of soil- foundation, grounding and support. Soil is created from death- old leaves, insects, etc… therefore like the Hanged Man, this symbol indicates the clearing and transmuting of the old for something new. The soil, under the deep and dark Earth, is where seeds are planted for future creations (like the womb of a mother).

2019 will not be a year for pushing or rushing…instead, it is a year of using a Yin approach of pause, being-ness and surrender in order to create anew. 2020 will be more of a year of Yang and action. But for now, the Feminine calls us!

Sending you all blessings for 2019.