dealing with a broken heart using tarotYou’ve just split with your partner and you’re completely devastated. No amount of chocolate, ice-cream or feel-good movies can take away the pain you’re feeling inside right now.

Ending relationships can be incredibly tough. There are feelings of hurt, disappointment, rejection, loneliness and despair as you experience the loss of a special connection you shared with someone you loved.

But at some point, you need to come to terms with what has happened and find a way to heal from within so that you’re ready and open to find new love in the future.

In this post, I show you how you can heal your broken heart with the Tarot cards as your guide. Sure, the Tarot cards won’t instantly take the pain away or solve your problems, but they can support the process by helping to connect you to your inner wisdom and peace within.

1. Accept Your Feelings – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

You’re hurt, upset, angry – of course you are. Your special relationship has just come to an end.

But instead of trying to escape or avoid those emotions, become consciously aware of them and experience them for what they are.

Pull out your Tarot cards, a pen and paper, and ask, “What am I truly feeling right now?”

Allow the Tarot card to act as a journaling prompt so that you can fully express what you’re going through. See what images stand out to you and what they personally represent by way of your feelings.

As you write, you may also find that some of the negative energy associated with that emotion starts to disappear.

2. Reconnect with Your Independence

One of the hardest things about a break-up is that you no longer identify as part of a couple. Now, you must relearn how to stand on your own two feet, independent of anyone else, and remember that you can be a whole person, on your own.

To reconnect with your independence, reaffirm with yourself, “I do not need other people to make me happy. Happiness comes from within.”

And consult the Tarot. Ask, “What is already within me that makes me truly happy and whole?”

broken heart healing3. Learn From the Experience

When some of the raw emotion has passed and you’re in a better headspace, it’s time to reflect on the relationship and learn from the experience.

There are going to be some really wonderful things you can take away from your connection together. Ask the Tarot, “What positive lessons did I learn throughout this relationship?”

And, there are going to be some tough lessons. Lessons about yourself and the way you relate with others that you may not be thrilled to discover but are nonetheless essential to creating new, more harmonious relationships in the future.

Ask the Tarot, “What have I learned about myself in this relationship?” and “What do I need to change in the way I relate with others?”

4. Create Change

Once you’ve learned from the past, you can put it behind you. Then, focus on the changes you can make in the ‘here and now’ to create a brighter, uplifting future.

You can start implementing changes based on what you learned from the relationship.

And you can start to change your environment, to shed your past and create a new future. Throw away old photos and items that remind you of the relationship. And redecorate your home or renew your personal look for a fresh start.

Ask the Tarot, “What changes can I make now to create a brighter, happier future?”

And if you want some daily inspiration, ask this question each morning so that you can enact the change during the day.

5. Love with All of Your Heart, Again and Again

A broken heart WILL heal. But don’t let the scars build up and get in the way of being able to create new, sacred connections with others.

Love again and again, and allow your heart to fully expand as you embrace new relationships into your life.

If you need a little kick-start, ask the Tarot, “How can I truly open my heart to love deeply again?”

Beloved, you can get through this – I know you can. Allow the Tarot cards to guide you as you reconnect with your heart and find ways to gently heal yourself back into love once again.

About Brigit Esselmont

Brigit is a professional Tarot reader & teacher, intuitive coach and spiritual entrepreneur. She is the founder of Biddy Tarot and inspires over two million people each year to transform their lives with the Tarot. A self-confessed Tarot lover, Brigit can’t help but spread the love to other Tarot enthusiasts. Sign up for her free email tutorial series - 5 Simple Steps to Read Tarot with Confidence.

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