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Let’s face it. Most of us have probably consulted the Tarot cards over and over on the same topic, hoping that we’ll get the answer we want or that we’ll be blessed with some sort of profound insight. Certainly, when reading Tarot for yourself, doing multiple Tarot readings is a common mistake.

Danger: Mixed Messaging

The trouble with reading the Tarot cards over and over again is we often end up with what seem like mixed messages and confusion about which Tarot reading to follow. It reminds me a bit of when you jump in the car and you’re about to drive somewhere you’ve never been before. Do you go based on your own instinct of where the place is, do you use Google maps, do you use the in-car navigation system, or do you look up the street directory? If you did all four, you’d probably get four different routes to take. How do you know which is the right route?? What’s more, you could end up confusing yourself to no end if you keep switching between one route and the other.

The thing is, all four routes will get you to the one place. One route might take longer or shorter than the other, but you’ll still get there in the end. So, what does it really matter which one you choose, so long as you choose one, right?

With Tarot readings, it’s the same deal. You can do your own Tarot reading, you can go to a Tarot reader and get another reading, or you can open your Tarot app and try again. But, how do you know which is the right reading to listen to?

Just Stick To One!

My advice is to choose just one Tarot reading and stick to it. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose, because in the end, all will lead to the same outcome, particularly if you believe in destiny. That said, you can still get value from the other Tarot readings. There may be a nugget of advice in one reading that you find particularly helpful or insightful. So take what you will, but commit to it rather than switching between the various readings as you progress.

There is, of course, a very easy option. Read the Tarot cards only ONCE.

Resist the temptation to read on a particular situation and then re-read and re-re-read and re-re-re-read!! Fight back the urge to keep asking the Tarot cards over and over again about the same situation, particularly when nothing has changed or progressed. I generally recommend waiting at least a month or until something significant has changed before reading again. This will save you time, money and energy!

Too Late. I’ve Already Done Several Readings!

However, if, for whatever reason, you do find yourself with multiple Tarot readings on the same topic, do the following:

Select what messages are most helpful to you.

Don’t just choose what you want to hear, but choose what will help you move forward in the direction you want.

Know that the different messages of the Tarot cards will generally get you to the same place.

So, whether you have one Tarot reading or ten Tarot readings, you will get similar messages (unless you have selective hearing!). My advice – don’t waste your money or your time with ten readings; stick to just one.

Take note of the advice provided in your Tarot readings, then put the Tarot cards down.

If you still find yourself reaching for those Tarot cards, paralyzed by indecision, it’s time to put down the deck and reach out to someone else. In my opinion, it’s not healthy to keep asking the Tarot cards over and over about the same topic. This constitutes an addiction and treating an addiction needs professional help and attention. You might just be better off talking to a trusted friend, or a professional counselor. Another perspective is truly crucial here, as they’ll be able to help you see past whatever it is that is getting you stuck, and provide you with a new perspective, and some objectivity. It’s good to reach for the Tarot cards when you need to tap into your intuition, but sometimes, you just need a flesh-and-blood person to talk to!

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