Card #1

King of Pentacles

A male Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) is incredibly persuasive this week. They want you to work hard, to stay focused, to be ambitious, determined and to always remember that they are the realistic and grounding force in your life. Although they may be condescending, they actually have a message for you this week that you need to hear.  Be patient with them and remember that their opinionated stance is coming from a place of love and protection. Use their advice but always trust your own inner authority first.


The Tower

Big changes this week! This week heralds a change in your life that will come as quite the blow. Do not let your ego stop you from embracing the changes. This is a perfect time to use the chaos of change to your advantage by initiating other changes in your life!

Card #3

The Page of Cups

This is an emotional week in which you are being called to listen to your heart. A young water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is able to help you awaken to your feelings. Listen and trust this young empath because although they are young they are informed and receiving messages from a Higher Source. Listening to them will be a strong message to the Universe that you are ready to receive abundance from unexpected sources.