Are you considering starting a business or want to take the next step? Read on to discover how!

Do you need more clarity about:
1. Your business direction or a decision?
2. The next best business step?
3. How to step into flow and success?
Pick card 1, 2, or 3.

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Card 1

WRITING (D. Virtue: Life Purpose oracle cards)

You heal, inspire, teach, and entertain with the words you write.

Business direction:

This card comes as a signal that writing could be included in your business marketing model. Or that writing could be a career path or part of your career path.

Whether your medium is books, articles, blogs, email newsletters, or screenplays, this is a sign that you can heal, inspire, teach, and entertain with your words.

Business decision:

If you want to explore writing as a career path it would involve some self-discipline. You will need to engage in this activity daily.

If you want to include writing in the marketing of your business, consider the format of delivery. You can use books as a gift to get people on your email list, – you can blog to get traffic to your site, you can write newsletters and build an email list, and you can write articles to get traffic. So you need to choose the format for delivering the written content.

Written content from books, blogs, newsletters, and articles can be repurposed in a variety of ways. You can turn a book, blog, newsletter, and article into a course, a Facebook live, or a webinar.

This is a great time to learn more about writing. If you consider taking a course or a class to polish your writing skills or learn how to write, the timing is good.

ASK YOURSELF: Could writing be part of my career path? Should I use writing in my marketing? If so, how?  

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FINISH WHAT YOU’VE STARTED (D. Virtue Magical Unicorns Oracle cards.)

You`ve started something important and it’s time to complete it.

If you have started a project that needs your attention, complete it before starting something new.

Starting and growing a business requires stamina, patience, and endurance. And remember, small tasks will make big dreams come through. The act of finishing something helps you become a more organized person and makes you feel better about yourself.

This specific task, (you know which one) will help you with your larger goals. That`s why it`s important to finish!

What can you do today to bring the project to completion?

ASK YOURSELF: Which project should I finish now? What can I do to finish it?   

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INVEST IN YOUR SPIRIT (S. Choquette: The Answer is Simple oracle cards)

The ego discourages time and energy used in strengthening your Spirit, calling it impractical and wasteful. Your Spirit, however, knows that anytime you invest in this self-care it will return to you a thousandfold or more in terms of happiness, peace of mind, flow, and success.

Don`t hesitate to invest in what`s important to your Spirit now. I may be the investment of time to pray or meditate, in books to discover more about your Spirit, or in a class to learn from a teacher. Supply your Spirit with the time, energy, and support it needs to be strengthened and grow.

Investing in your Spirit will attract more flow and success into your life.

ASK YOURSELF: What does my Spirit need right now? How can I strengthen my Spirit?

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The theme for the week:

Explore writing as a career path or marketing model, finish what you’ve started, and invest in your Spirit.