tarot reading PinA few months ago, I was at a blogging conference, having a casual conversation with a woman I had just met. She seemed friendly and open-minded enough so when she asked me what I blog about and I replied, “Tarot”.

That’s when everything changed.

“Oh, Tarot. You mean you read Tarot cards?”

“Yes. And I teach Tarot to people all over the world.”



“Isn’t Tarot reading for gypsies? Are you a gypsy? You don’t look like a gypsy.”

“Uh, no. I’m not a gypsy.”

And that’s when she politely excused herself and escaped as quickly as she could!

Sad but true.

The Big Misconception

You see, there is this common misconception that Tarot readers are fortune-telling gypsies. You know, with the scarf wrapped around the head, wearing bohemian clothes and gazing into a crystal ball to tell the future.

But in reality, many Tarot readers look just like your next-door neighbour (unless your next-door neighbour really is a gypsy!).

They don’t all own a crystal ball. They don’t all wear ‘boho’ or crushed velvet. And they don’t all wear dark eyeliner in order to look ‘mysterious’. In fact, more likely than not, you’ll find many Tarot readers wearing jeans and a t-shirt most days.

“They Look Just Like Us!”

And you’ll find that people who read Tarot come from a wide range of occupations. When I surveyed the Biddy Tarot community a few years ago, I found that there were real estate agents, nurses, marketing directors, lawyers, teachers, therapists, stylists and bankers were all reading Tarot cards.

I am a prime example. I started my career as a management consultant, fresh out of University with a Commerce degree. And later, I went back to University and completed my Masters degree in Human Resource Management and worked in a large Australian bank. All the while, though, I was reading Tarot cards in my spare time and building a successful online Tarot business. Not exactly the traditional career path for a Tarot reader (or is it?!).

You see, people who read Tarot are just your average, everyday person who just happens to be interested in connecting in with their intuition using the Tarot cards.

Who Uses Tarot?

tarot card readers and usersPinYou’ll find business owners using the Tarot cards to understand new opportunities and threats. You’ll find psychologists using the Tarot cards to help connect clients to their subconscious mind through the imagery and symbolism in the cards. You’ll find life coaches integrating Tarot into their 1:1 sessions with clients. And you’ll find regular people drawing the cards daily for personal growth and development.

So I want you to remember this next time you’re thinking about reading the Tarot cards but you’re worried people are going to think you’re too ‘woo woo’.

The thing is, you’re not too ‘woo woo’ and nor is Tarot.

And Tarot isn’t just for fortune-telling gypsies.

Tarot is simply a tool that you can bring into your life in a multitude of ways to help you grow, transform, and evolve. Simple as that.

Happy Tarot reading,


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