tarot card loversPinAre you single and looking for love? Wondering how and when you might find your soul mate?

The Tarot cards can help. If you’re seeking out new love and relationships, you can turn to the Tarot to tap into your Divine wisdom and understand how to attract your perfect partner.

Here are 7 practical ways to use the Tarot cards to find your soul mate and the perfect relationship just for you!

1. Understand What You Really Want in a Relationship

When we’re really clear in our own minds about what we truly want, it’s much easier to manifest it.

It’s the same in relationships. When we know exactly what we’re looking for in a relationship and a perfect partner, we can then take action to manifest our desires.

Using the Tarot cards, you can tap into your inner wisdom to understand what you truly want in a relationship.

Ask the Tarot, “What do I truly seek in a relationship?”

What new insights did you receive? How can you start to manifest these aspirations?

2. Discover Who Would Make a Perfect Partner

Just as it helps to know what kind of relationship you’re looking for, it also helps to know who would make an ideal partner for you.

So, draw one Tarot card to discover who would make a perfect partner.

If you draw a Court Card, you will learn about who they are as a person, including their age or maturity level and their personality. For example, the Knight of Wands is likely to represent someone who is young (or young at heart), spontaneous, fun and full of sexual energy!

If you draw a Major Arcana card, you may learn more about what stage of life they are in.

For example, the Death card would highlight someone who is going through a major change in their life (e.g. divorce or even the death of a loved one) and is open to new beginnings and new relationships. Or, the Hermit card may indicate you are looking for a partner who is traveling the spiritual path.

3. Learn When You Will Find Love

Most people want to know exactly when they will find love.

Personally, I steer away from providing specific timeframes using the Tarot. Why? Because I believe we each have our own free will and this can alter when something will occur.

However, if you’re keen to know when you’ll find your soul mate, you can ask the Tarot the following two questions:

  1. What needs to happen before I will find love?
  2. What signs will I see when I have found the right partner?

If you want to find love sooner rather than later, then take action on the first card. If you draw a Minor Arcana card, it’s usually an easier path because you’re dealing with day-to-day issues. If you draw a Major Arcana card, you may first need to learn an important spiritual lesson before finding love, which can be a longer journey.

And pay attention to the second card because when you start to see these signs, you know that love is close!

the lovers tarot cardsPin4. Work Out How to Find Your Soul Mate

Let’s be real – your soul mate probably isn’t going to come knocking on your door without you doing anything. Instead, you’re going to need to put yourself out there and take action to find your soul mate.

Turn to the Tarot cards and ask, “What do I need to do to find the right relationship?”

Look out for Tarot cards that may indicate how to go about finding a new relationship, such as using a dating agency (Three of Pentacles or the Hierophant), drawing on friends and family for connections (Three of Cups or the Ten of Pentacles), internet dating (Three of Wands), speed dating (Page of Swords) or simply waiting for the right guy or girl to come along (Wheel of Fortune).

Also look out for Tarot cards that tell you where to find a new relationship. For example, the Four of Wands might indicate a wedding or celebration, or the Three of Cups suggests meeting someone at a bar.

5. Go On Successful Dates

Before going on a date, consult your Tarot cards to understand how you can prepare, what you need to emphasise (or avoid), and how to present yourself.

For example, if you draw the Empress or the Nine of Pentacles, pay special attention to your physical appearance. If you draw the High Priestess, keep some things to yourself and maintain an air of mystery.

You may also want to draw a Tarot card to find out how the date will go and how you make the most of the time together.

6.Decide Between Possible Partners

Already got a few relationship possibilities in the pipeline? The Tarot cards are perfect for understanding the pros and cons of each opportunity and helping you to make a decision.

Simply draw three Tarot cards for each prospective partner – pros, cons and outcome. Draw a final card to understand what you need to know to make the right decision.

7. Create A Weekly Love Forecast

If you like to use your Tarot cards for future guidance or prediction, draw one card for each week (or month) ahead.

These cards will give you some guidance about what you can expect in your love life.

Even if you don’t get the Ace of Cups straight away, identify what you need to watch out for or what you need to focus on for each week. Use this as a tool for empowerment as well as prediction.

Over to You!

How have you used your Tarot cards to help you get the relationship you want? Share your comments and stories below.