I LOVE the end-of-year holiday period – a time to spend time with loved ones, relax and re-energize, and prepare for the new year.

But… getting to that precious moment of relaxation can in fact be a total whirlwind of busy-ness and stress!

If you’re feeling dizzy with Christmas shopping, festive food preparation, and family wrangling, then you’re going to want to read this post. I share with you 3 Tarot-inspired tips for a stress-free holiday period.

What the Tarot Says About Creating Stress-Free Holidays

To help you have a stress-free holiday period, I consulted the Chrysalis Tarot deck and asked for how we could all, collectively, create a peace during this festive season.

Holly_Sierra-Morgan_Le_FayPinThe Sorceress: Mysticism and Magic

Do you remember, as a kid, going to bed on Christmas Eve, feeling a sense of wonder and excitement about how Santa was on his journey around the world to deliver presents to every child’s house? And then the feeling of amazement when you woke up on Christmas morning to see that he had indeed been to your house, taken a bite of your cookie and left you a pile of presents?

For many children, Christmas is filled with mysticism and magic.

But as we grow older, that magic begins to fade away as we get wrapped up in all of the things that have to be done for the holidays.

So with the Sorceress, you are being asked to reconnect with the mysticism and magic of the holidays that you once experienced as a child.

Ask yourself, “How can I create magic around the holiday period?

Get involved with the story of Christmas and embrace the true spirit of this festive season. Get carried away with the magic and the fantasy and feel yourself become like a child again.

Five of Spirals: Shadows

While the holiday season is intended for quality time with loved ones, unfortunately, the reality for many people is that family disagreements and conflict are rife.

There is often a high expectation that everyone will get along and there will be complete harmony amongst family members.

But when those expectations are not met, there is disappointment, resentment and even anger, with many family gatherings ending up in all-out arguments!

The Five of Spirals reminds us that we are not perfect and nor are our families perfect. We each have a shadow side (a part of ourselves that may harbour resentment, anger or unhealthy emotions) and we bring that to the family dynamic. So during a family gathering, it’s not uncommon for there to be disagreements.

But here’s where you can turn a potentially stressful situation into one of peace and relaxation.

Let go of the idea that family gatherings during the holiday period have to be ‘perfect’. There is no such thing as perfect.

Accept that there may be conflict and disagreements. It’s not a sign of failure as a family. It is simply a sign that you each have a shadow side and that you are human. Don’t let it blow up into a big ‘thing’. Instead let the conflict go and move on.

Holly_Sierra-ElpiPinElpi: Hope

What I love most about the holiday period is that it is a time of hope.

We give and receive hope as we share gifts, food, time, and energy with others.

And our offering of hope and love is not just to our family and loved ones, but also to the wider community.

The Elpi (Star) card is asking you to spread hope to those who need it most.

You might donate your time on Christmas day to the local community centre. You might buy presents that can be given to families who can’t afford to give presents to their children. Or you might simply be more open to speaking with people in your neighbourhood during the holiday season to spread hope and love with those around you.

The more you connect with the energy of hope, the more peaceful and stress-free your holidays will become.

Wishing You a Stress-Free Holiday Period!

Take the advice of these three Tarot cards and you’ll be well on your way to a stress-free holiday period. Bring back some of the magic to the festive season, accept that family gatherings don’t have to be perfect, and spread a sense of hope and faith with those around you.

I want to wish you a very happy holidays and the very best for the year to come!

Images courtesy of Holly Sierra.