Words are powerful. Through the practice of numerology we learn every letter holds a vibration and thus every word we speak holds an energetic frequency. We can choose to use our words as a destructive force or as a mechanism for more peace, love and contribution in the world. Pin

The easiest way to understand the frequency of words is to just sit for a moment and meditate on these two sets of words:

1.Gratitude and Love

2. Hate and Anger.

In your mind pull up examples of each word. With each example take a minute and FEEL where the energy is activated in your physical body, THINK of what additional thoughts and words pop up and notice the IMAGES that may pop up in your mind. Chances are, two of the four words will leave you feeling happy and inspired.

As we see through this example each word emits a certain energy and will either send us down a path of negativity and despair or positivity and hope. Thus the words we use to describe our world and our lives have a profound impact on our experience of bliss and the results we cause in our waking lives.

We can be responsible for sending hate and aggression out into the collective consciousness or we can be responsible for sending love and compassion to our fellow brothers and sisters. Each time we speak a word into existence we push the frequency of that word along with its energetic influence out into the world. These energetic ripples have a significant impact on the universal human lives and experiences. Quantum physics teaches us that everything is interconnected and all energies have no boundaries. Meaning everything you say and do energetically connects you to the world and each human on this planet.

This connectivity illuminates why it’s so important to our collective human evolution to become more and more mindful of the vibrations we are emitting each day. One of the simple ways to take note is to notice the language you are using to describe your life and the people in it. If your words leave you feeling empowered, happy and inspired keep it up. If they leave you frustrated angry or upset it may be time to rethink the ways in which you are using language to create the reality around you. What we focus on expands and the language we use is a clear indicator to our attraction point. If we are always complaining, worrying or speaking poorly of those around us and how the world is, you can be certain this act alone will attract more of what you don’t want into your experience. If you are always expressing gratitude, appreciation and love for the people and world around you, you will indeed attract more of it into your world.

It is always important to acknowledge the flux of the human experience, There will always be times when we experience anger, sadness or frustration. The key is being constructive and responsible about it. When we spew that energy out through the many connective channels we have such as our relationships, work, social media or gossip we can spread those negative energies like poisonous wildfire.

Again this applies to the other side. If we are experiencing bliss and happiness and we share it via those viral channels and connections we have an opportunity to impact many lives in a very constructive way. The key is to find more constructive ways to express contrast. This can look like engaging in physical movement, channelling into a creative project such as music or art or creating a safe dynamic with someone you trust to share.

Once we master the understanding that our words create worlds, we begin to notice the world around us transforming at what appears as light speed.

We all have our own distinct paths as our numerology charts clearly illustrate. We also have the free will to make choices which can create a constructive impact. I invite you to choose actions and expressions to positively impact your fellow brother and sister, contribute to the global raising of conscious awareness and birthing a new generation of love into the world. It is possible and something so ‘small’ as consciously choosing constructive language and communication can make the biggest difference.

Love in Numbers