The Shadow Aspects of Each Number In Numerology

What Lurks On The Shadow Side Of Your Numbers?

Universally there are ever present examples of assertive and over-active energies and passive or under-active energies. Duality fuels the universal system of life. These energies also apply to the numbers as they appear in our numerology charts. Humans are complex creatures constantly in an experience of evolution.

The only thing constant in this reality is change.

Our bodies are constantly in a state of regeneration and creation. Natures systems and cycles can impact and to a degree influence our waking life experience. As we ebb and flow through the waters of life our energies shift. When this happens we naturally embody different character traits and psychologically respond to life differently. The main numbers we explore in our numerology charts (life path, true hearts desire, outer personality) will express through over-active, under-active or harmonized energies depending on what we are experiencing and creating in our individual journey.

As we learn and understand the passive, aggressive and balanced qualities of each number in our charts we can explore through trial and error how to illuminate the balanced aspects of your dominant numbers more consistently. When the balanced qualities emerge more often we begin to increase our vibrational frequency. In this state of higher frequency we begin to manifest more of what we want and less of what we don’t.

Often in life we like to acknowledge all that is good and lovely about our being and sometimes quietly push away the aspects which are darker in nature. To do so pushes away our humanity. It is in the darkness where we access the light and beauty of our being. Humans are duality, we are beings made up of light and dark elements, masculine and feminine energies, a higher self and a shadow self (read more about duality here). To embrace the wholeness of our complexity honours the will and path of our souls. Explore your chart and notice the dominant number energy influences and then check out the following list in our tools and resources page.

Awareness is the first step to our evolution as a collective human community.

The more we learn about who we are, supports the collective consciousness evolution. Our numerology charts are such wonderful resources to increase a heightened state of connection and compassion. We can all do our part to live our most on purpose expression, I invite you onto this quest of self discovery with us! Receive your free numerology report, here.

Love in Numbers

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