PinHumanity you surprise me. Every single moment I’m alive I am reminded of the beauty and splendour around me and within the people I share this human experience with. Just when we think we have this whole life thing figured out the universe sends us little curve balls to make sure we stay awake, present and aware of the blessings & love around us.

The process of learning to respect ourselves and each other can definitely support us in navigating the occasional curve ball. These moments of challenge are often our greatest opportunities for growth and contribution. The best way we can illustrate love in the world is being true to ourselves and this includes honestly expressing our needs, wants desires and boundaries. Often the concept of boundaries is ambiguous and a little tricky to navigate. One of the simplest ways to understand boundaries is to just check in when we are feeling upset in any way. You can be sure a boundary has been crossed the second you feel upset. Now what can you do once you have this awareness? Be responsible about it of course. What I mean in this particular context is, first understand what exactly upset you, then identify what personal need is not being met (leaving you feeling upset) and then communicate it to the people in your life coming from a perspective of loving awareness and compassion.

For this particular lesson in life, drawing on the energies of 6 and 9 can give us a lot of clarity. Six reminds us to nurture ourselves and to be clear on what is best for our individual journey. Nine reminds us to consider the collective consciousness connecting us all together and to be mindful of the whole when making decisions and choices on behalf of the individual.

What this means in relationship to boundaries is to begin the process of knowing yourself in a deep and intimate way. Learn what makes you tick and what lights you up. Once you know exactly these specific details it becomes easier to clearly and respectfully communicate these key pieces of your individuality to people in your life. When we respect ourselves enough to communicate our truth we give permission to others to do the same. This entire process of self discovery, self love and nurturing activates the six vibration.

To activate the nine frequency it is important to speak to others and treat others how we want to be treated. When communicating your needs and boundaries be mindful to be as compassionate and loving as possible. As human beings we naturally explore until we hit a boundary whether it be our own or someone else’s. Keep in mind most people won’t know they have crossed a boundary until you tell them. So handle these moments with grace, calmness and respect. This act alone will inevitably bring more love and respect into your life. Everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have. Something I’ve always found to be very helpful is reminding myself in times where a personal boundary has been crossed, that we all have different experiences of the world and no two people will have grown up with the exact same experience. Therefore it is silly to think any two people will have the same understandings and motivations for their behaviour and actions. When I detach in this way and allow the space for each persons individual experience to be just as valid as mine I can easily accept the situation and communicate my needs from a place of neutrality and loving respect.

More love in the world begins with each and every one of us loving ourselves first. Give yourself the greatest gift today and speak your truth from a space of love, compassion and respect and watch your world transform.

Love in Numbers