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The Empress invites you to bask in the beauty and abundance of life!

Empress Tarot Card

In last month’s tarot post we had a look at a powerful feminine archetype: the High Priestess. She represents psychic powers, intuitive guidance and the capacity to connect with wisdom hidden from physical reality. In today’s post, we’re going to meet another powerful archetype embodied in the Feminine: the Empress.

Your Abundance is at Hand

When the Empress (card number III in the tarot’s major arcana) shows up for you in a reading, it’s time to honor the abundance, relationships and commitments in your life. The Empress is the Queen. She’s the mother of life and the feminine counterpart to her spouse, the Emperor.

The Empress asks us to pay attention to where abundance is showing up so that we can stay in the vibration of appreciation, and thus allow more abundance to flow to us.


The Empress, as the loyal spouse, also invites us to look at where loyalty is an issue in our lives. Is there someone or some thing that you are sticking with through ‘thick and thin’? Is there somewhere in your life where you need to have an ending or parting-of ways? Is your own sense of loyalty to a relationship, career or cause in question? These all fall under the realm of the Empress.

How to interpret

Just like every tarot card, the Empress has a multitude of potential meanings (or perhaps, layers of meaning). So how to interpret what she is representing (Abundance coming your way or it’s opposite: the mindset of lack; loyalty or disloyalty) will depend on your question and which position the card occupies in a spread.

But regardless of these factors, remember that at her core, the Empress represents the fertile, abundant ‘mother’ energy and the grounded loyalty that comes with this vibration.

Where is the Empress strong or weak in your life? Let me know in the comments below!
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