Understanding Chakras and their Link to Numerology

It is often asked how the Numbers, as we understand them in Numerology, correlate with the Chakras, or energy centers. There’s a simple answer to that, but we’ll save it for later. First, we need to be clear on what the Chakras are, so we’re all on the same page.

What are The Chakras?

The Sanskrit word Chakra means “wheel.” In ancient times, yogis and spiritual practitioners carefully studied the flow of energy in the body, but the energy they explored was not the electrical currents that flow through the nervous system. The life-force, as they understood it, is more like what Jung called “psychic energy” which is connected to physical forces, but also the emotions, thoughts and other more subtle aspects of ourselves.

This “Psychic Energy” (combined with Prana, aka Breath) flows throughout the body, but is especially intense at certain points along the three major psychic channels, which the ancients perceived as being close to the spine. These constellations of psychic energy looked and felt like circular or spiral “whirlpools”, and were called wheels.

Not everyone considers that there are Chakras in the hands and feet, behind the eyes; almost every part of the body connected with the senses through which we gain information and do work require more “current” to flow to and from the inner self. The more complex the “task”, the more current is required to perform it.

Complex systems of visualization and concentration are used to bring more raw energy to the Chakras in order to enhance their power, but some practices are easier to perform. Certain methods don’t bother with the Chakras at all, other than as indicators of progress or for healing.

History of the Chakras

Many of the schools of Yoga Tantra associate the Chakras with the visible planets, including the Sun and the Moon, but teachings vary as far as their correspondences are listed. This can be really troublesome, because different schemes can be used for different practices, and connect with the same Chakras in different ways – this flexibility renders any strict rule of correspondence null and void.

When western writers began to adopt these ancient teachings in the late 19th and early 20th century, they set up schemes that fit their own philosophies. Because of this, many people think Chakra systems are universal and always the same, which they are not. This brings us back to the original question – how do the Numbers correlate with the Chakras? The answer is simple – they don’t.

But that does not mean that Numerology has nothing to say about the Chakras. It’s a somewhat advanced concept, but if you read the next few paragraphs carefully you’ll see that your Numerology Chart holds many keys to working with the inner light; these keys are hidden in the chart elements, not in the numbers themselves.

The Heart & The Chakras

The Heart Chakra is approached in a fairly common way among all ancient systems of spiritual development. Why? Because the inner heart is the seat of enlightened qualities such as love, compassion, joy and gratitude; the Heart Chakra is a direct connection to the Soul, as well as to the physical Heart.

Most people don’t know it, but the physical heart regulates the body and the mind. Every heartbeat generates a burst of activity in the nervous system and brain; scientists are just finding out that the nerve cells in the heart are more complex than many of those within the brain. The heart, not the “subconscious” mind, monitors hormones, rates of vibration (both mechanical and electromagnetic), internal pressure and many other things. It passes this information to the brain and lets it know if it needs to produce more of the chemicals that help move both thought and intention through the body, the mind, the emotions and beyond.

The heart produces a substance called ANF, the “balance hormone” that regulates blood pressure, electrolyte balance, fluid retention and so on; it powerfully affects the key internal organs within the body. It’s also involved in the immune and reproductive system, and can inhibit hormones associated with stress.

The pulse is the result of the pressure wave generated by the heartbeat. Skilled healers can tell more than you might imagine by reading the pulse – not only about your health, but your personality, your likes and dislikes and your temperament.

The electromagnetic field produced by the heart is about 5,000 times more powerful than the field produced by the brain. It has been proven that stimulating emotions in one person can affect another, even at a distance of several yards. This is all laboratory-proven science, not theory.

Although modern “neurocardiologists” are just discovering these facts, they are only re-discovering knowledge several thousand years old. It has been proven that when focus is brought to the heart, and positive feelings like gratitude, caring and compassion are remembered, the many vibrations in the heart become coherent, like a laser beam.

Take A Deep Breath & Use Your Imagination

It’s easy to do this – if you calm your breath and imagine that the breath is going into the heart, then use your imagination to “feel” a very positive emotion, the vibrations of the heart will go into coherence and broadcast more strongly. It takes two minutes at most to feel your way into this state, although you can practice for longer periods of time.

So what happens when you do? You find that you express your Soul Urge more strongly, and that the “negative” traits of the Soul Urge have much less of a chance to manifest. The Soul Urge Challenge is easily met, sometimes effortlessly. Relationships become more fulfilling, because you experience more appreciation – coming from you and to you.

It’s almost like the metaphysical law; the more gratitude you feel, the more you will have to be grateful for.

Those who have a Soul Urge that clashes with the Life Path will find that their problems diminish, because the Soul, in its wisdom, helps you learn major life lessons easily, not through struggle, but through insight, compassion and gratitude.

The Key To Your HEART

There are other ways to work with psychic energy based on Numerological theory, but the Soul Urge is the easiest. Being tuned in to the Soul’s Urge will make these other methods, such as the use of “challenge patterns” for healing, the use of Yantras, Mantras, gems and color, far more effective. The most important key is opening the heart, because doing so will improve all aspects of your life.

The elements of your Numerology Chart, especially the Soul Urge, are the main focal points of psychic energy. They are more like the Chakras than they are like numbers we use to analyze the chart. The easiest way to work with Numerology and the Chakras is to open the Heart Chakra by expressing your Soul Urge.

The Soul Urge is the coordinator for all other chart elements, just as the qualities of the Heart Chakra permeate all other Chakras and coordinate them on an elemental level. Tune into the Soul Urge in this easy way, and it will quickly, silently and lovingly teach you how to harmonize the vibrational currents that describe the many facets of your Soul.

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Your Professional Numerologist,
Roy Kirkland

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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