The Antares…

Antares or Alpha Scorpii is the vivid red star in the fishhook-shaped constellation Scorpius.

There are four stars that have always been prominent in astrology. These are the four Royal stars also known as the four Archangels, namely Aldebaran (the heart of the Bull), Regulus (the heart of the Lion), Antares (the heart of the Scorpion) which is also its Arabic and Latin name, and Fomalhaut (the heart of the Man). Antares is Greek for “like Mars” and both are red in color.

It is classified as an M1 supergiant star and is often likened to another vibrant red star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion. Antares is nearly 11,000 times brighter than our sun and radiates 60,000 times the amount of energy.

Antares no longer exists. Like all M-type giants and supergiants, it has run out of fuel. The light seen from the Scorpius constellation is tracking 640 light-years. When it collapsed it caused an immense supernova explosion leaving a black hole. This explosion was fortunately far enough away that Earth will not be impacted.

Antares is an important gateway to other galaxies and universes. Known as an interdimensional bridge to Andromeda from our galaxy. Many souls choose to pass through the Antares gateway to reactivate soul memory before incarnating in the physical realm. A large group of Starseeds, have ventured through Antares.

Antareans are a humanoid species associated with underground bases on earth under Antarctica and associated with fair-haired pale almost bluish skinned races.

In some explanations, it’s said that these creatures also have reptilian qualities, they have slits instead of regular pupils and eye-colors ranging from pale yellow to bright green more in tune with a cat or snakes eyes. In other explanations, it is said they may be a pure Aryan race and have the swastika on their ships.

Antareans are large beings. They are Master Warriors of the Light, their energy is powerful and intense and challenging to bring to this planet because fewer humans are linking with them.

Read on to discover the 7 Traits Of Antarean Walk-Ins…

1. Various Flying Tribes

Descendants of the original Antareans consist of several ‘flying tribes’ specifically know as EL’an, BE’lon and ZON’tu according to Scott Mathias, Author of the Antares Seals. Like many other galactic civilizations, they have similar DNA to humans. They are fully aligned with Source consciousness so are powerful creators.

2. Multi-Dimensional Energy Beings

They are electrical beings with the capability to modulate frequencies enabling them to enter other dimensions and help raise frequencies which is their primary job on this planet. The Antareans are 5-7th dimensional star beings whose consciousness can exist in numerous locations. They had several Earth-like planets in their star system, some of which were also in the process of Ascension.

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3. Walk-In Complexities

When these ancient flying tribes facilitate a walk-in they infuse the human cells with their identical fully activated DNA. At this stage in our evolution, there are no other cosmic beings that can perform this very tricky energy transferral.

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4. Assist & Protect

The Antareans are very gentle beings who are here to help and keep humanity safe. They do not have a hidden agenda and are fundamentally about unconditional love. They are at the forefront of exposing the old Draconian acts happening with the elite organizations of the Earth to protect the crystalline wisdom of new babies incarnating at this time.

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5. Gateway Keepers

Because of their high morals, values and trustworthy agenda, they have been assigned the critical responsibility of the gateway keepers for higher realms. They also assist with souls shifting into higher consciousness.

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6. Highly Sensitive & Withdrawn

These illuminated beings are the purest form of light frequency, so they are highly sensitive and usually extremely empathic. They can feel the emotions of those around them and so require plenty of time by themselves to feel balanced. To maintain their equilibrium, it is essential that they retreat from crowds of people and are often found living in pristine, unpolluted corners of the globe which enjoy a more simple lifestyle.

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7. Hyper Intelligent

Needless to say, these beings are exceptionally smart and can be found heading up positions of great social influence so they can stop the deluge of good people being forced out of leadership roles. Due to the sheer number of active walk-ins on this timeline, the scales are tipping and more and more people with good intentions for the future of this planet are able to continue being a positive influence.

Please leave a few comments below to let me know if you feel that you are a walk-in from Antares and how you are helping raise the vibration of the planet.