The beginning of 2020 in Australia has already started to mirror some of our greatest fears. The land that we love so dearly has been ravaged by fires of biblical proportion and some of our beautiful native animals are now in danger of extinction. Change bringing Uranus has already set her master plan in action with the help of transformational Pluto and stern Saturn.

“When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying,” says the Hopi prophecy, “a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, and creeds. And who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.”

Native Americans, believe the Rainbow is a sign from the Spirit in all things. It is a sign of the union of all people, like one big family.

The Rainbow prophecy refers to the keepers of the legends, rituals, and other myths that will be needed when the time comes to restore the health on Earth. It is believed that these legendary beings will return on a day of awakening when all people will unite and create a new world of justice, peace and freedom.

Here are 6 signs you are a Rainbow Warrior:

1. Unity Not Duality

To build a rainbow bridge into the Golden Age of Aquarius we must join forces and work together. You have heightened awareness and are compassionate towards all living beings. As you are in the process of transcending your ego, you intuitively know that human beings once harmoniously co-habited with each other and with nature for millions of years.

2. Integration Of Science, Soul, Spirituality & Scared

You represent a spiritual reconnection between nature and the human soul. Your mission is to combine components from numerous spiritual and philosophical schools of thought to create a life which harmonizes with the nature of the cosmos. Your skill is to blend the good from all beliefs and religions so it can influence humanity for the purposeful good.

3. Global Citizenship

You do not allow yourself to be limited by boundaries, borders or the narrow-minded bias of nationalism. Instead, you desire a sense of interconnectedness with all the nations of the world. It is obvious to you that cooperation must take the place of competition if humanity is to survive on this planet. Outdated cultural conditioning is replaced by tribal thinking in order to unify us an interdependent whole.

4. Shared Resources

You understand that the world’s resources must be shared fairly to stop war, poverty, hunger, and land disputes. Each generation should meet its needs without sabotaging the prospects for future generations to meet their own needs.


5. Cosmic Law Evangelist

At heart, you are a relentless eco-warrior and strive to break unsustainable and restrictive systems of human governance. It is impossible for you to be controlled and you are repelled by the hierarchies that exist in corporate and commercial enterprises. You are governed by cosmic law and aim to be a good guide for others.

6. New World Alchemist

During times of great need on the planet, you find purpose and joy in reconnecting lost individuals to their soul truth, human potential and soul families. Along the way, you have learned how to fly under the radar so you can easily navigate the controlling earth matrix. You reteach the values and the knowledge that has been lost in time, demonstrating how to have wisdom and extra-perception, and how unity, harmony and love is the only way forward.

Please leave a few comments below to let me know if you feel you are a Rainbow Warrior and what you are doing to help during this period of unavoidable change on our planet.