Are you living a life of meaning and purpose? Do you feel like you know what path you’re on and you feel that you are aware of your soul purpose?

Today, we’re going to talk about your soul path and your life purpose. One of the greatest gifts that I have been given is the ability to connect with the soul of another, to be able to connect with the divine forces, and to be able to ask what is the unique encoding that is within you is.

The truth is that you and I are 99.9%, at DNA level, the same. It’s this tiny little bit that’s our unique encoding that is different and that’s the seed that has been planted by the great master in our hearts and in our souls.

It’s important that we align with that so that we can live a life of true meaning and purpose. There have been many different soul purposes that have come up as I have read for people in their Akashic records. What is quite amazing is when you discuss this with people and you actually bring to them the life purpose and soul purpose that they are inscribed in the book of life to do, one of three things happens.

The first one is they usually sigh and it’s a sigh of recognition. It’s the sigh of acceptance on the path and it’s that sigh of being able to say, “my goodness, that I can do, if that’s enough then I’m on the right path”.

The second way is they will laugh as they say, “Wow, I’ve been doing this all my life. This was me since I was since I was 3, since I first had memories and this is how people have always described me.”

The third way is they cry because they realize that there’s been a truth given to them that is rich and that feels like them and feels aligned with them.

It’s important to be able to work out your own soul purpose. Soul purpose is a thing that we do without thinking. When the other person receives the gift of what we have given them so willingly, it touches their heart. This is as simple as a child who loves singing who touches people’s hearts and they grow up to be a great musician.

The Artist: These people touch people’s hearts with their creative talents. Are you a singer? Do you inspire with words? Do your paintings bring happiness to others?

The Cheerleaders: Maybe you’re somebody who is always the cheerleader in life. Do you know how to motivate people to be their best selves? Do you notice the most minute details to mention to people when they most need a pick-up?

The Carers: Maybe you’ve got a calling to be a nurse (you don’t necessarily have to do this as a career, you just have a deep heart and soul level of caring). Do you know what to do when someone needs healing?

The Connectors: Maybe you’re a connector; someone who just watches and observes and then helps with connecting the dots for the person in need. Are you always the one making that quick phone call or doing the small tasks that help people get to where they need?

The Hope-Bringers: Then we have the people who are here to bring hope. They may not be the most positive in their own lives but they are in other people’s.

The Peacemaker: You could be a peacemaker. These people are usually empaths and have learned how to make peace and be the one who diffused situations and read what is needed in certain situations.

The Advocates: People who speak up for another. These people support other people to give them a voice.

The Lightworkers: These are people who bring great counsel and nourishment to others. Are you the one who will sit with someone for hours helping them work through a situation?

The Teachers: These are people who are here to teach, not necessarily in the traditional way. There are many different ways to teach subjects, and the teachers archetype can teach people in a variety of ways.

Which one are you? Leave a comment below…