Star Children are humans who have come to Earth to build a solid foundation for a new society – one in which peace, compassion and harmony are the new, normal way of life.

The last wave in the group of Star Children are the Rainbows – on a mission to help humanity ascend, these kids have come to Earth with a huge purpose.

Some say they have only arrived over the past 5 years, but another school of thought believes that they started incarnating around the year 2000 in the wake of the Indigo and Crystal Children. The Indigos and Crystals arrived before to pave the way for the rainbows to weave their magic.

Whatever label you place on it, we are all light-workers, some of us have Indigo/ Crystal/ Rainbow characteristics in us; a combination of the characteristics or all. The only difference to the Star Children is that we, the older generation of light-workers have a karmic link and we came with karmic issues to clear and learn. We are here to be of service but with the potential to grow and evolve to become Rainbow people ourselves.


Who Are Rainbow Children?

Rainbow Children are the next generation of Star Children and will help us to remember our Higher Selves, connection with the Spirit realm and unconditional love. An alignment to our true, authentic selves will then occur where we can coexist peacefully on the new world.

A unique quality of the Rainbow Children is that they have never lived on planet Earth before now. Because of this, they are wise, compassionate souls who have no karma to work out and can be fully devoted to serving humankind.

Because they radiate positivity, their caring and compassionate nature will ripple out and profoundly uplift humanity. They do not have to do anything groundbreaking to be of service. They simply have to ‘be’.

So how do you know if you have a Rainbow Child in your family? Here are my top 12 traits of these magical kids…


12 Traits of a Rainbow Child

1. Functional Families

Since these children have no karma debts, they are born into peaceful, loving families. The atmosphere in their homes will be balanced, supportive and free of control dramas which will enable them to carry out their soul purpose effortlessly. Often their parents are the second wave, Crystal Children themselves so they can offer them the unconditional love and support they require from the very start of their lives.

2. Loving & Forgiving

Because of their heightened awareness, Rainbow Children don’t hold onto negative emotions such as anger or resentment. They have the ability to forgive other people effortlessly so they can focus on being of service. After any upset, they quickly return to their sunny temperaments. They have a deep understanding that they are immortal beings living a temporary human experience and know the connectedness of all living things.

3. Telepathic & Empathetic

Rainbow Children can communicate through the power of thought form. Something that many of them have in common is that they don’t start talking until they are 2 or 3 years old, simply because they don’t need to. After a while, they grasp that not everyone has the same powers and so start communicating so that others can actually hear them.

4. Psychic & Intuitive

These children have incredibly advanced psychic abilities because they have unity consciousness and are aligned to Spirit. They trust their intuition implicitly and are susceptible to premonitions.

5. Have No Fear

A Rainbow Child knows that they are divinely protected and can trust Spirit and the angelic realm to support their work on the planet. Because of this, they do not fear anything.


6. Creative Healers

Rainbow Children adore color and are attracted to colorful surroundings and brightly colored clothes. They are extremely creative and are drawn to natural healing techniques such as Colour Therapy.

7. Sleep Less

Rainbows have a direct connection to Source so they have consistent energy that doesn’t dip during the course of the day. They also don’t require much sleep and because they don’t get cold, they don’t often don’t need a duvet on their bed, even during the winter months.

8. Passionate, Purposeful & Persistent

They have total focus and determination to fulfill their soul purpose so can be mistaken for stubbornness or impatience. Their innate knowledge of their soul mission will not allow them to get distracted by anything.

9. Helpful, Kind & Generous

Motivated by bringing joy and peace into the lives of other people, their material needs are secondary. Their physical needs are limited and they love to give without expecting to receive anything in return.

10. Manifestation Magicians

These highly evolved channels, they can effortlessly manifest anything at any time. Because of this, they experience hardly any wasted time so that their work on the planet flows effortlessly.


11. Balanced Male & Female Energy

As a race, we tend to have more male than female energy. However, the Rainbow Kids buck this trend. They are so aligned with Source energy that they have perfectly balanced male/female energy.

12. No Karma

One of the most important things to remember about these gifted and evolved souls is that they do not have any karmic debts to clear as it is the first time they have incarnated into physical form on Earth. This really sets them aside from their predecessors as so many other people have lived many lifetimes before and have been caught up in the wheel of karma, trying to rebalance our debts.


Now is the most important time in history to be alive as GAIA is reincarnating into 5D. We must set our intention to evolve from the third dimension and ascend to higher dimensions of consciousness and follow the example of the Indigo, Crystal and the Rainbow children. The way forward is clear. Be conscious with your thoughts, feelings and emotions and reclaim your personal power.

Open your heart to unconditional love and “Oneness”. Begin by unconditionally loving yourself, then others and the Infinite. Once we reach this inner and outer state of peace and oneness we literally gleam like a rainbow and rediscover our true colors. This will radically transform everything within and around us and help the world to ascend.

Like the Star Children, we all come from the stars but we have chosen the earth school to evolve. Remember, each one of us has the opportunity to become rainbow people and return to our starry origins.

Do you have a Rainbow Child in your family? Leave a few comments below…