Procyonian Starseeds come from the Procyon in the Gemini constellation. Their ascension mission is achieved through physical work and not spiritual endeavors like many other Starseed flavors. Don’t hold your breath to meet one as they are one of our most scarce starry volunteers.

So let’s take a look at the 10 main traits of Procyon Starseeds:

1. Adore The Sun

It is thought that the Procyonian’s love warm, sunny climates such as California, Australia, Floria or Hawaii. This is vital for their wellbeing as they unconsciously, fully absorb and harness sunlight energy to achieve a fully functioning Lightbody. Because of this, they can remain slim effortlessly as they eat to live and not the other way around.

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2. Conceptualize New Technology

As part of their purpose work, they are inspired to conceptualize new and improved, more advanced forms of technology that will revolutionize space and time travel. They have very active left brains and have profound analytical abilities and shine as technical or mechanical innovators. Genuinely gifted at visualizing complex and abstract ideas.

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3. Pioneers Of Energy Cultivation

These rare Starseeds are slowly improving the farming industry and overhauling the methods in which we cultivate energy. They are also playing an active role in reconditioning humanity so we can more easily align with the new earth matrix.

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4. Body Beautiful

Procyon Starseeds worship their bodies and usually have athletic abilities, so they are drawn to working in the fitness industry. Being so physical, they enjoy activate participation in life via exercise and have a very healthy appetite for sexual intercourse with their significant other.

Procyon starseeds worship their bodiesPin

5. Differing Skin Tones

This is an interesting one because there are two very distinct types here. The first are the ones who can tan really nicely in the sunshine. However, if one of their incarnations on Procyon was particularly devastating then the skin color will be extremely pale.

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6. Lost In Space

Because the Procyonian civilization enforced an energy shield around their home star for security reasons, some of them feel at a loss of what to do with their lives here on earth. Before the shield was lifted, many were blocked from returning and so exist with a deep sense of isolation. They often feel misunderstood and very different from everyone else because they are so rare. However, this has now been replaced by a feeling of excitement as many now have the opportunity of returning after their current incarnation.

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7. Strong Work Ethic

A Procyonian Starseed finds it difficult to have a break when they are fully absorbed with a project. If you live with one, good luck with try to entice them away from their work if they are on a roll!

Procyonian starseeds are known to be hardworkingPin

8. Tenacious Humanitarians

They have a strong desire to help others. Once fixed on an idea, they will find it almost impossible to change their opinion, even if new evidence is presented to prove otherwise.

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9. Kinaesthetic Powers

As they tend to learn through physical activity, the Procyonian Starseed is often gifted in the sports arena. Kinesthetic learners are typically very coordinated and have an excellent sense of their body in space and of body timing. They have great hand-eye coordination and quick reactions.

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10. New Earth Dreamers

The archetypal dreamer of the golden age, these imaginative Starseeds frequently visualize the dawning of the ‘heaven on earth’ paradigm. Their visions are bright, bold and colorful and they hold no doubt that this new time will arise in due course. Some have vivid dreams where they find it difficult to distinguish between this illusionary world and their own reality!

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Please leave a few comments below to let me know how many of these traits you can identify with and if you feel you may be one of these unique Starseeds.