I love working with botanicals, fruits and the power of aroma to in ceremony. There’s something very visceral about working with these energy medicines because you can touch, taste and smell the power they hold. And, things you already have in your kitchen can become tools for change with the right knowledge and intention!

Citrus fruits are used for energetic cleansing. They help get the funk out of your life and your aura.  Different citrus fruits can be used for slightly different intentions. For example, oranges are often used to bring bright, fresh and prosperous energy into a situation. You can leave a bowl of oranges near your front door to create a flow of prosperity. Grapefruit can be used to remove deep-rooted resistance and blockages.

PinThink about the taste and associations with a particular fruit or botanical and you get a sense of what energetic qualities they hold!

Lemon is most often used to cut, clear and renew a situation. Many people use lemon to clean their houses of dust, dirt and grease because of its acidity… making it wonderful for cutting through tough stains and build up. It does the same thing energetically! It wipes the slate clean!

I personally love working with lemon in ceremony and I’ve done so for years. It packs a punch and helps break things up from all angles.

You can use the energetic quality of lemon in a few simple ways. Keep a bottle of lemon juice, lemon oil or fresh lemons on hand to try some of these suggestions:

  • When you need to clear your head, smell lemon and imagine it breaking up negative thoughts, feelings or memories.
  • Put lemon in a spray bottle to freshen up rooms when the energy feels heavy.
  • Take lemon juice and sea salt bath at the end of each week, each month and specifically at the end of each year. Or, whenever you’re dealing with a trying person or situation that just seems to keep hanging on!
  • Place a bowl with lemons in rooms around your home to keep the energy fresh. You could add oranges as well to generate even more good vibes!
  • Get icky vibes out of your clothes or bedding by adding some lemon juice to your wash. You can even soak clothing in lemon juice overnight to bleach them.
  • Wash your front door and doorsteps with sea salt and lemon. Imagine all negative energy or heaviness being released. See this as starting fresh and opening the door to a new energy, new life, and new opportunities.