Reincarnation: What it Reveals About Your Current Life

Past Life

There are those who believe that people have lived before and will continue to be reborn to an entirely different life. Reincarnation for the most part has been connected to profound religious concepts and philosophies. But in recent years, many have begun to accept reincarnation as an actual natural phenomenon. So much so in fact that advocates have developed a technique that not only explores the possibility of a past life, but also uses it to do psychotherapy or bring about a spiritual experience.

Regression has used hypnosis as a technique to help people recover certain memories and past lives. Under hypnosis, an individual is made to answer a few questions that would reveal clues to a life he has led before. While skeptics argue the reliability of memories as a way to establish credible incarnations, many people to this day are using regression therapy for past lives as a path towards personal growth or enlightenment.

Some of the reported benefits include renewed abilities and skills, which are drawn from one’s past, liberation from anxieties and fears, a different perspective on personal relationships, and a comprehension of one’s purpose in life. It is said that the certain memories you had from your past lives will certainly be carried over to your current life. These could be failures in business, mistakes or declarations made to a loved one, guilt for whatever reason, traumatic events, and any other unfinished business you might have had. Inevitably, these memories will have an effect on how you live your life now. It isn’t a problem if your memories tend to be positive but what if you’ve been repeating the same mistakes constantly in each life?

By realizing the past memories from the lives you’ve led, you are able to let go of the negative patterns of behavior and strengthen the positive ones. In effect, you heal your life now by looking to your past.

If you are truly in need of a change in perspective, past lives regression might have some answers for you. But do not just rely on any person claiming to know how to hypnotize. Go to an expert. There is an association in California that can help you choose the right past life therapist called the American Hypnosis Association, or ask the International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy and Training Institute in Venice Beach. You can also try professional hypnotherapists who specialize in past lives regression. Since there isn’t a proper licensing or registration for these natural healers, it is best to get references.

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