How often do we actually honour what our bodies are communicating to us? We are so stimulated, busy and active in this world right meow. Sometimes our bodies, minds and spirits just need a little nap. Cats know what’s up and in all fairness dogs do too;) But for the purpose of this article we will focus on the commonly known phrase of the catnap. 

The vibration and frequency of the word catnap resonates to the number one and has influences of eight and two. So how is this relevant? Well lets look at this a little deeper.

The dominant influence on this activity/word is the number one. Well we all know a little catnap wakes us up and activates the refresh function for our minds and bodies. The integrated influence of all the numbers in this word suggests a catnap will indeed set you on that path of leadership innovation and inspiration. This makes total sense. Read any article about a truly successful business person and you will find a common theme, they give adequate time to relaxing and playing which balances the energy required to rock their business and their lives.

The secondary influences: How this concept of catnaps occurs out in the world is ruled by the number 8. We know 8 is an indicator of big time leadership, business, success and prosperity. Its pretty clear that if you want to be successful, tune in and honour your bodies need to recharge, refuel and build up those energy reserves. Being awesome does take a lot of energy, and catnapping during your day will give you the extra boost to rock life and be seriously amazing with people around you.

The second secondary influence is the number 2: Two is the number of compassion, gentleness and peace. Anytime I’ve ever seen a cat nap they seem pretty content and peaceful. So lets take a lesson from the kitties and cultivate peacefulness by being compassionate enough with ourselves to know when we need a break and allowing the permission to be gentle and rest when we need to. It’s for the greater good of humanity so we should probably do it and be happy about it;)

The majority of literature out there suggests the average time for an optimal catnap is 15 mins, which we know in numerology reduces to the number 6.  Six represents the nurturer, love and taking care of yourself and others. Coincidence this is the amount of time our bodies need to replenish and rejuvenate in the world of catnaps? Probably not;)

So the advice this week is be like a cat; nap, enjoy life and take the time you need to really be taken care of.

Love in Numbers


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