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How Do Masculine and Feminine Energies Influence Your Chart? 

Polarity is everywhere, its natural and we see it in many forms such as light and dark, day and night, male and female, yin and yang among many others. In order to know and truly understand any concept we must know its opposite. Consider, how would we know what light is without also experiencing its polar opposite darkness?

Polarity is a Universal Law and so naturally it appears in the world of numerology.

In Numerology each number has either a masculine or feminine energy influence. When I say masculine or feminine in this context I am referring to the inner energetic duality we all embody not gender of male and female. As a woman I have masculine and feminine aspects to my being, just like every man has feminine and masculine influences within his being.

We all know there are men who are nurturing and gentle and there are women who are aggressive and cold. Decoding your vibrational make up through numbers can support you in bringing these masculine and feminine energies into harmony with one another.

In numerology all odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9,11) are considered masculine and the even numbers (2,4,6,8,22) are feminine.

Masculine is the active, expanding and giving energies.The basic qualities of the masculine:

Assertive, cold, outward directing, bold, forward direction, dedication, focus, strength, confidence and attention commanding. If the masculine is strong and balanced one will experience feeling confident, directed and authoritative within their internal experience and external environment.

Feminine is the passive, contracting and receptive energies.The basic qualities of the feminine:

Mysterious, warm, inward directed, sensitive, flowing, introverted, gentle, creation, nurturing, flow and movement. If the feminine is strong and balanced one will experience being in flow, present, compassionate and calm within their internal experience and external environment.

The degree to which these energies are present can be clearly seen in a numerology chart. A simple calculation of your name and birthday can provide immediate insight into the degree to which you are masculine energy dominant or feminine energy dominant.

With your readout take a look how many odd numbers and how many even numbers are in your name. The more odd numbers you have the more likely you are to be masculine energy dominant. In this case it’s a worth while endeavor to learn more about the energy of the feminine and how to comfortably integrate it into your life. Likewise if you have a lot of even numbers you are feminine energy dominant. In this case it’s worth looking at how to integrate the more assertive and action oriented energies of the masculine for optimal balance and flow.

Being in a state of balance and flow are a few keys to manifesting the life you are worthy and deserving of. Part of the human journey in my experience has been to first identify these underlying influences of my nature before creating methods to bring them into harmony. My numerology chart is an ever supportive resource for this evolving process self discovery. So really the question is what does your chart hold in store for you?

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