Welcome to your March Spirit Guide Reading! I’ll be giving you messages through the cards chosen as well as an energy reading for the month, so stay tuned after your card reading for an additional message!

Take a moment to connect inside and connect to your intuition. Ask yourself, your Higher Self, or your Spirit Guides to guide you to either Message #1, #2, or #3. Feel free to fast forward to your message!

  • Message #1 — 1:00
  • Message #2 — 7:12
  • Message #3 — 12:35

Spirit Guide Message #1


If you were drawn to Message #1, the card that comes up is Pele: Divine Passion! There is something simmering under the surface for you, that’s waiting to be acknowledged. It could be a truth finally coming to light, a new idea, or repressed feelings ready to be released. Allow this truth to bubble up from the depths. That new “truth” will move you forward very rapidly!

When I look at the energy of March for you, I see the color green dominating the first week of the month. Green signifies that you’re moving through a growth period. Growth periods happen when your spirit has just made a breakthrough, and your physical body is struggling to catch up. Whenever you’re healing something old, releasing, acknowledging old feelings or a new truth, you throw yourself into a growth period. Take good care of yourself in the beginning of the month because growth periods can make us susceptible to colds!

The rest of the month is a bright, beautiful pink energy, which says you’re going to be healing through self-love! It’s a powerful healing month for you!

Spirit Guide Message #2


If you were drawn to Message #2, the card that comes up is Sige: Quiet Time. I get the sense that you’re trying to make an important decision right now, and the only way to get clarity is to take time to get quiet. You need rest and meditation. Sometimes we think we’re giving ourselves quality time to replenish, but really, we’re still pushing. If you can only spare 15 minutes, make sure that 15 minutes is completely and utterly devoted to your inner quiet.

When I look at the energy of the month for you, I see a light blue, which is all about self-healing and self-expression. The final week of March is a bright yellow, and that signifies you feeling replenished and taking care of business in a more efficient way than you would have before you took time out for yourself. Enjoy that week of productivity, and you’ll realize you love having time to replenish and heal. You simply get more done after you take that time!


Spirit Guide Message #3


If you were drawn to Message #3, the card that comes up is Isolt: Undying Love. I’m getting the message that the love you have shared, either with someone from your past or a deceased loved one, is Eternal. I feel like you might feel the presence of lost loved ones around you, and it’s a reminder that nothing ever really dies — especially Love. Remember that you ARE the source of Love in your life, and you’re most fulfilled when that love is pouring out of you.

When I look at the energy of the month for you, it starts out as a dark blue which is about releasing and letting go. You might be grieving the loss of someone or something. The second half of the month starts with a few days of a pale yellow. Pale yellow can be a feeling of confusion or disorientation, but it’s completely normal after the energy of release. The last part of the month has you moving into a deep purple energy, which is about spiritual growth and feeling connected to the Divine. You are upleveling!

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