ChangeIn this current day and age, you can find any reason to be happy. Sure, contrast still exists… it is just simply up to YOU & how you react and respond to it.

How to Deal with Change and still be Happy…

The law of attraction teaches us what we focus on expands. Therefore, if you dominantly focus on ALL that isn’t working and the ‘doom and gloom,’ you will indeed attract and create more of it! Likewise, if you focus on all that is working, what feels good and what makes you happy… you will indeed get more of it and create more of these vibes in the world.

If you are happy and fully expressed in your life, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep sharing with people so they can learn from your example and model your inspirational lead.

If you aren’t as happy as you know you can be, consider this. What is the main reason that you tell yourself for WHY it’s not ok to be happy? Is the reason actually YOUR belief OR is it a belief that someone told you, and you took it as truth?

Create Your Own Truth!

You create your own truth. This truth is directly related to taking the reins of your life and creating your life in a way which inspires and lights you up. From my experience and in order to do this, certain belief systems have to change and be replaced with new empowered beliefs. In this quest for happiness, you are really embracing the energies and lessons of the number 5.

5 teaches us the value of:

  • Freedom,
  • Change,
  • Movement, 
  • and Transformation.

The Only Constant is Change…

As the old saying goes, the only constant is change. We see this in the basic biology of our physical bodies. Our cells are constantly regenerating and changing! The intelligence of our bodies provides a big key to our freedom. Our external world always mirrors the internal. Therefore, when we experience change in our waking lives it is mirroring the change within. We know on many levels what we see outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is going on inside, and so in this awareness, we can begin to understand change as a necessary function of our vitality, life-force and existence.

I’ve met many people who resist change, myself being one of them. It brings me great peace to make this internal mirror connection. It helps me TRUST change is for my greatest good. A natural process of the human experience is allowing change to move, shift and transform us for the better, to learn the soul lesson of letting go and to enjoy the process.

What You Resist, Persists…

You can attempt to avoid change or be resistant in the face of change, however change is still going to happen and the circumstances will get more and more intense, usually in the direction of contrast, until you relax and embrace the fluidity of life.

2012 reduces to 5…

Right now, we literally are inside of this energy of change as a human collective.

2012 in numerology reduces to the number 5. The sooner we embrace and begin to free flow with the lessons of the number 5, the sooner we will start to see the beautify and happiness available to us.

5 is an energy which…
  • Moves very quickly
  • Is not a gradual change number
  • Is a hurried intensified movement

… To transform into the energy of happiness, you can utilize the positive aspects of 5.

The nature of this quick movement is truly for your best interests. It allows you to address wounded aspects of your being which you have held on to for a long time, and to heal and release them quickly. There has been no greater time in history to do this type of work. Your ability to move on and move forward right now is highlighted and enhanced in the energy of 2012.

Embrace Change…

Give yourself permission to be happy. Explore new territory of your being, of this world and the people in it. How to deal with change and what we see depends greatly on what it is we look for. In this universal time of great change the calling is to deal with change AND be happy… to seek out the beauty, happiness and love present in each other, in ourselves, and in this beautiful world.

I would love to hear about how you deal with change AND find happiness in doing so. Let me know your insights, thoughts or ‘Aha!’s in the comments below. Perhaps, you will just help someone else learn to find happiness in dealing with change!

Welcome to the movement.

To your happiness, bliss and freedom.

Much Love in Numbers,



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