How to Create A Happy Holiday

Numerology and the Winter Blues

December is here, and many people find themselves dealing with the “Winter Blues.” Some call it the holiday blues because all the activity surrounding the various winter holidays bring them down. Others call it “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, and associate it with the climate changes that occur at this time.

It’s the planets, not you.

The astrologers and mystics of ancient times had a simpler answer for why this happens to people; we are entering the two astrological months associated with the planet Saturn. Although most modern astrologers associate the Aquarius month (January 19th – February 18th) with Uranus, this is the time of year when we in the north get the most oppressive weather, and more problems with colds and other debilitating wellness issues that are usually ascribed to Saturn.

In the month of Capricorn, we have Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and New Years day, where gifts are given and resolutions for the New Year are made. This tradition is older than you might imagine, and comes from the very nature of Saturn, the planet of patience, persistence, discipline and life’s hardest lessons. Unless a person has a good relationship with Saturn, by the end of Aquarius, these resolutions will probably be broken.

Create Abundance Amid the Challenges!

Arithmancers associate Saturn with the vibration of the number “8”, which can bring abundance or lack, success or failure, depending on one’s relationship to it. The same thing is true of discipline, which is not about denying or punishing oneself. True discipline is about “walking your talk”, saying what you mean, and acting as if the future mattered. In other words, most people’s problems with the winter blues can be revealed and remedied by understanding their relationship with the vibration we Numerologists identify as 8.

Generally, those whose Life Path, Heart’s Desire or Expression numbers “agree” with 8 tend to have less of a problem with the season, but there are aspects of the Numerology chart that may hide challenges. For instance, someone having an overabundance or absence of 8 in their inclusion table (the Karmic lessons), or those who have multiple 8 vibrations or clashing numbers in their current transit, personal year, pinnacle or other current cycle may find themselves in a bad mood when the winter comes along.

Remember the old fable of the overconfident grasshopper and the industrious ants? Well, you don’t want to be the grasshopper when Saturn comes along.

Beat The Winter Woes with Class… Let the Numbers be Your Guide!

If “One” is your most prominent number, it’s essential that you do something that concentrates on results in the future, rather than trying to control what’s happening in the now. Don’t dodge responsibilities, and, above all, don’t be perfectionist. Be a little more flexible, stay in the moment, and let it be easy.

“Two” and 8 usually get along, but when the 8 season comes along, you may be more prone to give in to others, and a little more careless than usual about overdoing things. Try to avoid making spur of the moment decisions, and make sure to flex your creative muscles – above all, don’t leave anything undone.

“Threes” can go either way during the 8 season, but scattering your energies during the month of Sagittarius (late November until the Winter Solstice) might bring on stubborn or controlling behavior that others will notice, even if you don’t. Focus on staying centered, and stick to your purpose – you’ll blow the blues away.

“Four” often has a problem with 8, in that the material or commercial aspects and responsibilities of the season will tend to get you down. Don’t let mood-swings or sarcasm dominate your personality; walk your talk and let others help you along – it can be done right without your having to do everything yourself.

Those who have “Five”, the freedom number, in a prominent position may feel a little overwhelmed and uncooperative when the winter season takes hold. If you start getting overly emotional, might want to use “my well being and serenity is my top priority” as your mantra, and you’ll see magic happen.

“Six” is a number that usually gets along well with 8’s winter vibe, but unexpected stubbornness can cause problems in your relationships. In order to remedy problems of this type, you need to be systematic and orderly, not emotional and chaotic. Do things by the book; just make sure it’s a book you enjoy.
People who have strong “Seven” influences in their charts often have a tough time when 8 season begins; the feeling that you have to control the situation might cause problems in all aspects of life. Speak up and express your feelings in the spirit of harmony and balance; that spirit will make the season bright!

If you happen to be an “Eight” during the 8 season, you might channel your inner scrooge; that confrontational and materialistic side – and you may not even notice it! Ask for help, but don’t get involved in others’ problems – let go of the past to make room for the future – if you do so, it can really be a happy new year!

If “Nine” is one of your strengths, this is the season to think about finishing things, rather than leaving them hanging. It’s not a good time to be skeptical and lose faith. Have a little patience with others, and trust yourself and the mysterious ways of spirit, and things will turn out well whether you’re in control or not.

If one of your key numbers is 11 or 22, you’ll find that this season usually is easy. If you’re having problems, refer to the recommendations under 2 and 4, and follow the suggestions; things will snap right back into gear, and you’ll have a magical winter.

Above all the seasons change, we change and those blues won’t last forever… We all experience the low’s to experience the beautiful high’s. During this season find things to be truly grateful for and rejoice in all of life’s blessing given. Spend time with those you love and recharge with laughter, love and joy.

Your Professional Numerologist,
Roy Kirkland

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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