Welcome to the music of dreams…

I’m Leonard Munson, since the age of ten I have always been fascinated with my dreamsIn my later years, I began interpreting, recording my dreams and in addition to utilizing a dream book.  I later realized that I had a special gift that allowed me to tailor the dream on an individual basis.  

Many of the ancient advanced civilizations formed dream temples to establish a place for people to come to receive the interpretation or meaning of their dreams. They were assisted by the priest and priestess because of their gift of prophecy in interpreting the symbols and other details of the dream.  People came for many issues some of the reasons were love, health, prosperity, education, family, revenge and employment, children, etc.  

Stages of Dreaming

When you’re sleeping you will enter a stage which is called rapid eye movement (REM) or astral traveling of your subconscious while your mind is at work.  There is a silver cord that binds the astral body to the physical body.  There are several stages of dreams which I will describe in detail how they work individually and collectively. 

The first stage is associated with you taking part in your dreams and recording them by placing a glass of water near your bed, a journal, pen or pencil.  The second stage is called lucid dreams this covers daydreaming and visions as this aspect can occur when you’re relaxing, sitting outside with nature, water, music and just sitting still.  The third and final stage is accepting what you’re seeing whether it’s something from the present, past or future.  

While you’re dreaming it’s very important for you to pay strict attention to the environment, lighting, colors the people, animals and what is being said to you in the conversations, what activities you’re taking part in the dreams.  This also includes any objects that are in the dream and what’s purpose it’s being used for.  

Dreaming In Colors

We also dream in black, white and colors which are very important in the dream and we have what I call dream friends who come and assist us when we run into some form of trouble or opposition with someone, animals, places and things doing the dream process.  

 The lighting is also very important in the dream that you’re having if the light is bright or daylight that’s very good because you’re seeing clearly what’s happening, but if it’s dim, then that represents a danger for you or the people who show up in your dreams. 

On many occasions, you may be just an observer in the dream process and not a participant in the dream.  Where, what or who you’re dreaming about can’t see you and if you’re dreaming about someone who is currently alive and well – they are having the same dream also.  

I feel that dreams are individualized so it really depends on how you feel about the dream and what’s happening in it.  You can’t go by a dream book or other references because of how you feel about the environment, object, lighting and the color or if you are participant or observer.  

 There many other things about dreams and its meaning I hope to provide you more insight in the near future to continue this conversation about this subject.  

I look forward to sharing more about the wonderful world of music of your dreams!


About Leonard Munson

Leonard specializes in tarot card readings, dream interpretations, astrological charts, meditation relaxation and energy cleansing. Interested in hearing more? Visit Readingsbyleonardtmunson.net  

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