My unique wellness school, Dreemtime Academy was launched in 2015 to help women to release destructive patterns, negative emotions and outdated beliefs. During this time, I trained to be a Colour Mirrors Practitioner and Teacher. This is an advanced Colour Therapy System which effectively clears these patterns from the cellular memory, transforming the sub-conscious mind.

The Colour Mirrors comprise of 87 different dual colored oil bottles and 40 different essence sprays which work on rebalancing different mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ailments.

So here are some of the most powerful color combinations and clues to unlock their meanings…

Bottle 9 – Mars – Red over Orange

Great for ruling number and day number 9s.

This color combination like the planet Mars is powerful and warlike. It is the source of our fire energy. Use it wisely to change what needs changing rather than just being angry and frustrated. These colors urge you not to spend your life being meek and angry. Mars is a powerful ally when things need to be set in motion. This bottle will energize you so you can do and say what needs doing and saying.

Bottle 28 – New Beginnings – Yellow over Turquoise

Great for ruling number 10 people.

This color combination signifies a new beginning. They indicate a door opening into to new golden age. They appear like the sun shining over Atlantis and relate to the Goddess Lakshmi whose message is to love your life right. It is about loving your life into joy and releasing panic, worry and fear. These colors bring trust, joy and a feeling of fun.

Bottle 33 – Love & Magic – Pink over Rose Pink

The perfect choice for Ruling Number 6.

These colors align to Venus and offer gifts of love, magic, money and creativity. 33 is a Master number and relates to harmony, romance and success. Pink is the color of unconditional love and self-acceptance which is our greatest lesson in life. We reflect back to us what we feel we deserve. Pink offers us tranquillity in the body, mind and soul.

Bottle G3 – Return From Atlantis – Copper over Deep Turquoise

This is a powerful color combination which will assist with healing all the trauma of the sinking of Atlantis and the abuse of power in that lifetime.

Anyone attracted to these colors will be able to connect with the information from Atlantis and offer it in a grounded way.
These colors will also help to heal past life trauma through a death by drowning and will connect the information from the dolphins and whales into earth consciousness. They also help to clear any programming you received from your mother’s thoughts and feelings about her pregnancy whilst you were in the womb.


Bottle 26 – Partnerships – Magenta over Olive Green

Beneficial for ruling number 8s.

This color combination is not an easy vibration and the main lesson in it is to learn to rely on yourself and stop being co-dependent. Once you fully understand that you are Divine, standing on your own two feet is key otherwise you may have to face challenging situations relating to personal, business or financial situations. You may need to clear resentment and anger and learn forgiveness. Magenta relates to Divine love/ Father God and Olive to feminine leadership/ Mother Earth so once we make peace with our male and female energies within us, balance will follow in your life.

Bottle C2 – Sacral Chakra – Gold over Orange

These colors are good for clearing issues of abuse and control, eating disorders and hormonal imbalance.

Orange is the color of bliss and enlightenment but also clears shock, trauma and abuse. Golden helps us align with our authentic power and wisdom so the combination will clear fear, confusion and emotional bewilderment. It is very calming after a shock and can help us to release issues that we hold around our sexuality.

Bottle C15 – Crown Chakra – Crystal Being – Clear over Lilac

This color combination enables you to be able to take instruction from your true Divine self which is white whilst activating a pure connection to your lilac spirit. It activates our crystal grid and provides us with clarity to be of service. Many crystal children are attracted to this duo as they have come to support the process of conscious evolution on earth.

PinBottle 17 – The Wish – Coral over Blue

Beneficial for ruling 8s.

Blue relates to communication, protection, authority and angelic support. Coral is related to expansion and unconditional self-acceptance. These colors indicate that you have come to a place of grace and your wishes will be fulfilled. It is where you will be hugely rewarded for all the good that you have done. It is always an indication of a change of status or a fresh way of describing yourself such as a marriage or a brand new career.

Bottle 32 – Communication – Royal Blue over Olive

Royal Blue is the color of the third eye and is about the ability to communicate your vision.

Your viewpoint is very valid at the moment and whatever it is you feel you need to express will be received. Your time of being seen and not heard is over and you can now speak your truth. The olive green in the depths allows you to base your decisions on the feminine wisdom that you carry within.

Bottle 13 – Transformation Pluto – Violet Over Lilac

The number 13 relates to Scorpio which is the sign of death and regeneration.

This bottle is about being able to go through the dark night of the soul and come out stronger. Rebirth. It relates to the scorpion, the lizard, the Phoenix. These colors signify the releasing of grief so that it might be used as a service to the world.

Which color combination are you most attracted to?

Leave a few comments below to let me know how you may be able to use them to help you in your life…

Hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend.