Your soul is your surfboard on the ride of your life.

There is much love for you now. A joyful hope rises up inside you and your path is opening wide. Let the light in. Be not afraid of the misleading for no-one can cheat you when you are carried by the angels on a wave of celestial love. They are just revealing an aspect of you that is ready to heal and unfold and transform into gold dust.

Each footstep has been pre-configured; every connection has been pre-scribed to form the tapestry of your life. You live in love. In divine peace, you dwell when you close your eyes and let the light radiate out to the world from within.

Cast not a doubtful cloud but be ever present and grateful of the unfolding of your light within.

No worries exist that can’t be supported by a heavenly host to hold you now. No drama too wild that peace can’t be found within. And let you not forget the magic of humor.

When you recognize the madness in it all, unfold and feel a wink from heaven in the mystery and magic of it all, don’t forget to smile and say, ‘I see your divine hand’. Know that you are being wrapped in a blanket of love, woven from golden threads of love and light.

For you are riding great waves and your soul is your surfboard to carry you through it all!

So, surrender and release and glide as you rise to great heights of sublime ecstasy on this sacred earth.